Master of Education Management
Learn how to manage an educational institution, take over leadership positions in this sector.

Master of Education Management

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Become a future leader of educational institutes

This Masters programme provides an extensive training in education and management subjects. After the completion, you will have an advanced understanding of modern management, leadership and pedagogical issues as well as the changes of the educational sector.

You will be working with several fields within educational management. As there are early childhood, secondary education, adult education, continuing or higher education and other related sectors. The programme offers economic and leadership modules as well as cultural and pedagogical subjects, which will be taught theoretical and practical.

You need to hold a Bachelors degree in education management or a related subject to get entry for this Masters in Education Management. Often you need to have work experience since the Masters is sometimes extra occupational. The Masters programme will normally last two to three years.

Job opportunities after the studies

With a successful completion of your Master of Education Management, you are enabled to take over leadership positions in several fields of the education sector:

  • Public institutions
  • Preschool & kindergarten
  • Adult education providers
  • Service companies
  • Special education providers

The following universities are offering Master of Education Management:

    study programmes     universities
  Clinical Education (Online Distance Learning)   comprehensive profile   University of Edinburgh
  Education (MSc)   comprehensive profile   University of Edinburgh
  Onderwijskunde   comprehensive profile   Radboud University
  Community Education   comprehensive profile   University of Edinburgh
  Education     Cardiff Metropolitan University
  Applied Educational Leadership and Management     University College London
  Education Management and Leadership     University of Southampton
  School Leadership     University of Cumbria
  Higher Education Management     University College London
  Educational Leadership     University of Strathclyde
  Early Childhood and Education Leadership & Management     Liverpool Hope University
  Educational Leadership and School Improvement     University of Manchester
  Educational Leadership (with Scottish Qualification for Headship)     University of Stirling
  Education Management and Leadership     The University of Northampton
  Education Leadership & Management & Philosophy of Education     Liverpool Hope University
  Education (full-time, part-time)     University of Derby
  Learning and Development Management     University of Huddersfield
  Education for Health Professionals     Cardiff University
  Education Management     King's College London
  Education Leadership & Management & SEN     Liverpool Hope University
  Leadership and Innovation     University of Dundee
  Educational Leadership and Improvement     University of Manchester
  Education (Online)     University of Derby
  Leadership & Management (Education)     University of South Wales
  MBA Educational Management and Leadership     University of Cumbria
  Educational Leadership (International)     University College London
  Education and Education Leadership & Management     Liverpool Hope University
  International Educational Management     University of Leeds
  Educational Leadership and Management Masters     The University of Nottingham
  Educational Leadership, Policy and Development     University of Bristol
  Leadership     University College London
  Middle Leadership and Management in Schools     University of Glasgow
  School Improvement and Educational Leadership     University of Birmingham
  Education (Workplace Contract)     University of Derby
  Education: Leadership and Management     Bath Spa University
  Educational Leadership     The University of Buckingham
  Educational Leadership     University of Chester
  Leadership and Learning     University of Hull
  MBA Educational Leadership and Management     Anglia Ruskin University
  Research on Teaching and Learning     Technische Universität München
  ...     ...

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Retrospect Fairs 2016/2017

Looking back at the 2016 Masters Study Fairs in Europe...


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