Masters in the Netherlands
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Masters in the Netherlands

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Important information about postgraduate studies in the Netherlands

The Netherlands offer the perfect conditions for international students looking for a postgraduate study abroad experience. You can choose from 14 public research universities and about 40 universities of applied sciences. Many curricula are based on a very practice-oriented teaching method called ‘problem-based learning’. You will be encouraged to unleash your creativity and let your personality grow. Most universities place high value on group work. Due to the small size of groups and courses, you are able to establish a good relationship with your professors and enjoy a very relaxed learning atmosphere.

The main language of instruction in the Netherlands is Dutch, but many postgraduate courses are taught in English as well. Therefore, you do not necessarily have to learn Dutch—not even to get along in daily life, because most people in the Netherlands speak English really well. Nevertheless, it is always a great experience to learn a new language.

Due to the Bologna Process most Masters programmes are internationally accepted. There are always some exceptions, though. Therefore, please contact your university of choice in the Netherlands to collect first-hand information about the conditions of your Masters degree.

Tuition fees for Masters in the Netherlands

Dutch public universities and colleges expect their students to pay about €2,000 in tuition fees per year (as of 2014/15). Sometimes there are additional costs for international students. In return, you will enjoy modern equipment and state-of-the-art technologies at the universities.

The Dutch way of life

Besides windmills, cheese, tulips and bicycles the Netherlands have many other things to offer, especially their people. The Dutch are very welcoming and hospitable towards strangers.  The Dutch mentality is quite relaxed compared to that of other nations. For example, it is common to call people by their first name, even in the academic environment.

Many Dutch universities offer sports and recreational activities for their students. Therefore, it is not hard to find friends at the university; Dutch nightlife also provides opportunities to meet new people. Many cities have a vibrant student culture with a variety of clubs and pubs.

All in all, the Netherlands will welcome you with open arms if you decide to do your Masters there! If you want to find more information and choose between many Masters programmes, visit us at the MASTER AND MORE fair in Amsterdam!

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