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MASTER AND MORE releases news on a regular basis to inform you about the latest developments related to higher education. We report on new and unique Masters programmes, offer guidance for your postgraduate education and career entry and deliver information on study fairs.

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Have you ever thought about being a detective? Are you interested in stepping into the world of crime, investigation and justice? Do you wish to...

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Summer has finally began, after you have finished with all the work at the university and you just want to have fun, travel, dance, go camping, party,...

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One might think that Brexit will have a negative influence on the reputation of British universities. On the contrary, the latest rankings show that...

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Dealing with deadlines is stressful as they are usually quite important and if you miss one, you need to wait ages before you have a new chance. In...

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For most students it is difficult to master the writing process, as they constantly encounter the same problems when writing a job application or...

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Sebastian Horndasch, a higher education expert and author of the book „Master nach Plan“ (available in German) has studied in the UK and graduated a...

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You are probably at your last month of university, or if not - maybe you have already finished this study year? Well, if this is the case we would...

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It’s scholarship time again! Our partners from Tuk Tam who participated in the first MASTER AND MORE fair in Sofia are announcing great news again.


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At examPAL, we believe it’s best to give yourself enough time to prepare. Here’s a rough timeline to help keep you organized, on schedule, and best...

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Modern higher education has introduced countless new scientific areas for students to explore. This alone has greatly increased both the quality of...

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