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5 Weird Masters You May Haven't Heard of

5 weird Master's you may haven't heard of

Modern higher education has introduced countless new scientific areas for students to explore. This alone has greatly increased both the quality of existing and quantity of new Master degree courses. More interestingly, though, the latest trends have shown that non-typical academic courses have started to attract more and more attention.

On a serious note, the modern youth, also known as the Millenniums, is well known for its different needs, especially in the sphere of education. And having the golden opportunity to study something unique, offering more academic freedom and a brand new branch of knowledge to explore – it is the perfect match for the exquisite taste of the contemporary student. Furthermore, Millenniums are often attracted by every possible chance to shine among others and brag about their unusual experience or background. 

So, ready to raise some eyebrows the next time you are meeting with your friends? Or maybe you are truly interested in one of the following areas and would like to pursue a dream career? Regardless, here is our Top 5 list.

1. Human Osteology and Funerary Studies

Although it might sound creepy this one-year-long Masters course is one of the gems of English higher education offered by the University of Winchester. With a focus on History and Archaeology the study revolves around human remains and the gathering of information about the different tribes, civilizations and populations with a strong emphasis on their ways of life, reasons for death and funerary beliefs. 

The programme also offers a great deal of practical experience involving laboratory sessions and the examination of entire periods of human history together with the corresponding funerary rituals and traditions. Theoretical modules, however, allow the student to undertake individual research based on an archaeological period, such as the Middle Ages, or geographical area with the perfect example of Greece. 

2. Imagineering

Moving on to a neighboring country, the Netherlands, we stumble upon this intriguing course in the online catalogue of the NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences. As strange as its name suggests this one year long programme aims to introduce students to the concept of the “creative economy” and the creation of value with the aid of imagination.

Packed with several innovative subjects in Business and Economics this discipline highlights the importance of personal creativity when running a company while leaving behind the tradition resources of land, labor and capital. While the idea of an economic system driven solely by intellectual abilities seems almost a reality the future graduates of the discipline are still expected to take part in regular organizational practice tasks, like report writing, before becoming business leaders. 

3. Viticulture and Enology

The third entry in our list is a peculiar mix of two words which in turn represent one very interesting and unusual Master degree programme. Offered by the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Italy, with a main focus on Agriculture, this course explores the study of grapes and, you guessed it, wine and winemaking, over a one year period of study.

Italy is currently one of the leading producers of wine in the world which is no surprise, as the country is fond of excellent weather conditions, soils and winemakers. Through a mix of theory and practice students can learn all about growing (wine) grapes, fertilizing, monitoring, harvesting, and of course, preserving the successful trend of the previous winemaking generations. The course additionally includes wine tasting activities and vineyard visits. Yummy!

4. Sexology

A quick detour and we are now heading for Australia and one truly exciting study field – human sexuality. Developed and offered by the Curtin University this two-year Master degree programme provides students with specialist knowledge involving biological, psychological and sociological aspects in the area of sexology. 

As an interdisciplinary field mainly involving topics from Medicine and Health Sciences students take part in modules such as sexual health, reproductive issues and gender identity. Aside from theoretical knowledge the course includes a supervised professional placement in a sex-positive environment allowing the student to conduct individual research. Sexology graduates will have the opportunity to promote safer sexual activity which is currently a major global problem affecting the whole population.  

5. Superyacht Design

We finally reach our final choice which leads us exactly to where we started – the UK. While it might seem that the Englishmen are the most innovative in the field of higher education this course is certainly something to think about. The offering institution, Southampton Solent University, has prepared this course exclusively for the next generation of superyacht designers.

During a one year study period students go through specialized Engineering modules preparing them with the necessary knowledge in naval architecture, structural design and yacht operation. In addition, the programme concludes with a final design project where every student will have the chance to use professional software for the preparation of a personal concept. Don’t forget to add yourself as a captain of your superyacht masterpiece!

Did you manage to find the perfect Masters? If not, take a look at our database containing more than 30,000 programmes and see if you can find an even more non-typical course. We dare you!


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