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Masters Study Fairs in Europe – how to prepare for the fair day

Masters Study Fairs in Europe – how to prepare for the fair day

Check out the exhibitors, schedule advisor consultations, bookmark presentations – you are a step closer to choosing the right masters course for you!

A masters course is a good decision in many ways – you obtain a deeper knowledge, improve your career prospects, gain valuable experience and learn vital skills for your professional life. However, finding the right course is easier said than done, as the range of options seems to be virtually unlimited. There are also numerous decisions that you need to take: whether you want to study at home or abroad, full-time or alongside work, at an academic university or a university of applied sciences. The Masters Study Fairs are there to help you answer these and many other questions which you may have as a prospective masters student. You can find out about universities, ask questions and discover the perfect course for you!

Universities and companies across all subject areas will be at the study fair to present what they have to offer – and since this range is so broad, it is definitely worth you doing some planning in advance. This article sets out the most important steps in planning a successful study fair visit.

Online registration

The easiest way of planning your visit to the Masters Study Fair is to register online. You can create a profile in a few short steps and snap up your ticket in advance. You do not have to pay until you get to the study fair, which also means that you do not have to provide any personal payment or bank details. However, you will still be able to take advantage of a discounted entry fee, so it is definitely worth registering!

Tailored to your personal interests

Online registration is also a great way of individually tailoring your day at the fair. Once you have created your profile, you can choose your personal interests from among all of the subject areas available. The next step will then show you exhibitors that you may find particularly interesting. Given the complexity of what is on offer, this helps you to ensure that you do not miss anything that might be important to you!

Personal advice – schedule appointments now

The particular focus of Masters study fairs is personal contact with potential universities. Advisors representing the institutions at the study fair are therefore on hand to offer you support and advice! To make sure that you have an opportunity to ask your particular questions, you can arrange an appointment before your visit to the fair using the online registration area.

Presentations answer questions about masters courses and starting your career

In addition to arranging personal advice appointments, you can also bookmark presentations. As part of the framework programme, experts will be giving presentations on a wide variety of topics such as student finance, stays abroad or starting your career. Once you have registered, you can view an overview list of everything on offer and bookmark the things you absolutely do not want to miss.

Everything at a glance – your fair magazine

You can download your own personal fair magazine to help you keep track of everything. As well as a summary of all of the exhibitors you find interesting and of the presentation programme, it will also list any consultations you have scheduled and presentations you have bookmarked.

So it is definitely worth planning properly! A well organised visit to the Masters study fair will take you a big step closer to your dream study programme and set you off on the next study step with all the information you need. If you also want to share this with friends, you can send an email from your online registration profile and receive a free ticket in return. If you want to discuss your experiences with us and your fellow students after the study fair, then visit our Facebook page!

We look forward to meeting you at one of the Masters study fairs in Europe.


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