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The ABCs of Sciences in Popular TV Series

The ABCs of Sciences in Popular TV Series

The real reason why Aerospace Engineering, Chemistry and Computer Science are the shining stars on Netflix...


Netflix, Amazon Prime and other similar platforms have done it – the TV series market is booming. With a Hollywood-worthy budget and cast we have seen a success after a success with every new season and latest episode. Netflix and chill? A full season marathon during the weekend? We “never” let that happen twice!

The sciences are a favored subject in many shows – the main protagonists are often portrayed as doctors, physicists or lawyers. Medicine, Chemistry and History rarely remain a mere plot background for drama, murder and love as they regularly transform into the center of the series.  In our ABCs of Sciences in Popular Series we have collected and prepared some of the best examples.


Aerospace Engineering | Star Trek 

Star Trek has been inspiring scientists and those who dream to become such for decades. The episodes follow the display of a futuristic society built on mutual acceptance and equality during times of advanced space exploration. Captain Kirk, Spock and fellow crewmembers travel around the galaxy on board of the famous starship “USS Enterprise” seeking for new discoveries and adventures while we dream of a world where this fictional story is a reality. We can only hope that the future generations of space engineers will bring us closer and closer to this next step in human and technical progress.

Chemistry | Breaking Bad

Ever since the introduction of Breaking Bad we have all agreed that chemists are no boring people. Walter White, a chemistry teacher diagnosed with cancer, takes part in the world of crime as a drug dealer aiming to secure a safe financial future for his family. As much as we oppose to such criminal deeds we definitely recommend the five brilliant action-packed seasons to anyone who believes that chemistry is everything but thrilling!

Computer Science | The IT Crowd

“Have you tried turning it off and on again?” This sentence is most probably in the memory of all viewers of the show. Over four seasons and a grand total of 25 episodes we enjoyed the comedic adventures of the IT support team working for the biggest communications empire in Great Britain – Reynholm Industries. The brilliant geeks Roy and Moss together with the tech-illiterate Jen formed a trio that still remains a favorite for many IT freaks while the memorable question of whether the device is really plugged in continues to revolve in the modern world. 

History | Turn

The exciting TV series of “Turn: Washington’s Spies” take us back to the 18th century and the American Revolutionary War when a farmer and his fellows form an espionage group named Culper Ring aiming to aid Washington’s army in their fight for independence. And while most of us slept through the events of this epic war during classes we are now eager to find out what happens next in this freshly released historical drama. Who knows – we might even consider enrolling for a Master in American History this summer and catch up on all that we have missed.  

Law| Suits

Put on your suit and get ready for the latest season of your favorite legal drama. The iconic lawyers Mike Ross and Harvey Specter will steal the Netflix stage one more time as the latest 16-episode production promises more exciting cases and new spin-offs. What are you waiting for? Go catch up on the series and find out what it takes to be a slick and talented lawyer.   

Mathematics | Numb3rs 

The best way to see how exciting Mathematics can be is by watching the American series Numb3rs. Don, a special agent working for FBI, and his brother Charlie – a gifted mathematicians and genius, make use of the scientific discipline in a much different light. With the application of equations they manage to solve criminal cases and investigate on a whole new level when searching for the wrongdoers. In any case, we are definitely sure that those who seek and make use of the secrets of Mathematics are granted with an entirely different view on the way the world works. 

Medicine | Grey’s Anatomy 

Watching an episode of the successful and renowned series immediately grants us with a completely different angle of a typical medical day. During a set of 13 seasons and an incredible number of 293 episodes, we can experience the ups and downs in the professional and personal lives of five young assistants, who evolve into experienced doctors in front of our eyes. The sole fact the medical show has been awarded with several prizes (including the Golden Globe Award) and continues to remain among the highest ranked medical dramas even today proves that positive comments are more than justified. 

Physics | The Big Bang Theory

The popular sitcom sets the story of two highly intelligent physicists, who fail to establish a normal relationship with the real world. Instead, Sheldon and Leonard live in their shared fantasy full of comic book heroes, computer games and scientific theories. But most importantly – the show is a perfect display that you can be a geek and still find a girlfriend! 

Politics | House of Cards

Intrigue, manipulation and lust for power – the political drama “House of Cards” is packed with everything you might expect to see from the ruthless world of politics. Kevin Spacey steps into the role of a U.S. Congressman Frank Underwood ,who hungers for higher ranks in the political system after suffering an act of betrayal. With a cunning plan for revenge and equally persuasive wife by his side the Underwood family portrays a thrilling story worthy of an Oscar (or at least a third Golden Globe).    

Psychology | 13 Reasons Why

Originally set to be released as a film with Selena Gomez starring in the lead role, “Th1rteen R3asons Why” unfolds the dark secrets of human psyche in a set of 13 episodes. The plot follows the young Clay Jensen, who receives a set of audio recordings detailing the reasons why his beloved crush Hannah Baker had ender her life. We can hardly wait for the second season which is scheduled for release in 2018 with further psychological insights of the suicidal event. 


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