Why enrol for a Master?
Are you considering to enrol for a Masters? Read about its advantages!

Why enrol for a Masters?

Advantages of a Postgraduate Study 

We have put together good reasons why you benefit from a Masters programme. Find out why it is well worth topping a bachelor’s degree with a Masters title. If you can think of other good reasons, post them on our Facebook page.

Become an expert

By either specialising in a certain subject or combining a set of subjects you can become an expert for certain niches and gain greater levels of qualification. A Masters degree also allows you to fine-tune your academic career. Most PhD programmes, and subsequent roles in science and academia, require a Masters degree as a minimum basis.

Not every graduate will do a Masters as many are limited by availability of places and various admissions requirements. Hence, a Masters degree is your chance to stand out from the crowd.

Self improvement

The longer you spend in an academic setting, the more thoroughly you can identify your interests and strengths – that includes programme courses as well as internships, practical projects and/or casual jobs. It enables you to gain practical experience and greater maturity, both of which are important attributes for your professional life. This applies even more so to time spent abroad during your Masters programme. Many employers consider such experience abroad as a highly desirable quality in any job applicant.

Improve your career chances

Having a Bachelors degree has rapidly become a basic requirement for many, if not most jobs in the employment market – a consequence of what is often dubbed “degree inflation”. With a Masters degree you have the opportunity to position yourself ahead of the crowd and on the job market. This translates not only to better job opportunities as such, but often also to higher (entry-level) salaries.

Who benefits from a Masters programme?

You will, if you 

  • Want to broaden and deepen your knowledge and experience
  • Want to become an expert in a specific field
  • Need more time to identify and clarify your ideal career path
  • Want to improve your career opportunities

In short

Of course, a Masters degree constitutes no guarantee for getting a job; the chosen subject, your grades, your practical experience and the general field of study all play a role in how easy or difficult it may be to find a job with your Masters degree. 

However, a Masters will at any rate be an enhancing experience, not only academically and personally, but also professionally.


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