5 Best Moments During University
5 Best Moments During University

5 Best Moments During University

Now that you are one step away from graduating with your Masters, you are most probably asking yourself – what were my best moments during university? In the last few years, you have moved to an entirely new town or city, learned how to take care of yourself and even had your first real student party. It might be kind of hard, but let’s see if you will agree on 5 memorable experiences that turn out to be quite common for students.

The moment when you ALMOST failed for the first time

During the semester, there is always a good portion of project work and studying that needs to be done - typically for examination or simply a report or presentation. But for some reason, you simply missed out on growing an interest in the subject, and completely either skipped preparing or only did it partly. And before you know it, it is already time to go to THAT test, submit THAT writing or present THAT part.

Once finished, you get a slight relief that you are bound to pass this module - but as the end of the semester comes,  there is that strange feeling in your stomach… which only disappears on THAT day with the results. You check and find a B with a minus. Certainly not one of your best academic achievements, but definitely a memorable experience.

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The moment when you had your first student party

Although many will first go back to their Bachelor years, the first Masters student party is certainly something to talk about. Do you remember yours? Perhaps it was hosted at a small student dormitory crowded with colleagues you have never even met with. And after a couple of semi-delicious beers with figures randomly dancing around you have it – the picture is complete. Still, you most probably enjoyed yourself and felt that romantic sense of having a hangover the next morning when you needed to attend your lecture!

The moment when you had your first A

In all honesty, history shows that there are real cases with students never having received anything different than an A or A+. This applies for high school and any other attended levels of education. Regardless, for most people this is only limited to a handful of similar examples – or more precisely, some quite unexpected moments. Like that time you aced that test in Algebra and felt like Jack on the front of the Titanic screaming “I am the King/Queen of the world!”. But then again, as soon as the next exam comes, you miss out on preparing and end up in freezing waters after seeing the results. Sounds familiar?

The moment when you first met your roommate

Do you still remember when you had the chance to meet your future roommate? Unfortunately, it is always a 50/50 chance – you either end up with a relatively understanding person or, of course, a dreadful roomie with no sense of consideration at all. In both scenarios, though, you still get to have someone to live with through the ups and downs of most student experiences. Who knows, some roommates end up being BFFs (Best Friends Forever)!

The moment when you have your Bachelor/Master thesis in your hands

Considered as glorious among some and one of utter sadness among others, this moment is the last official challenge before becoming a graduated student. Excluding the mixture of emotions, this is one of the most exciting periods of life when you get the opportunity to plan your next chapter – from launching your career to having a family, or even diving into yet another educational experience. Nevertheless, it is sad to know that you might never cross roads with some colleagues again either due to completely different paths.

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