Masters in Bulgaria
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Masters in Bulgaria

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Although Bulgaria is not among the most popular destinations in Europe, choosing it for your Masters has its advantages. Bulgarian higher education has a long tradition and it is recognized in the EU countries as Bulgaria is an EU member since 2007. Different type of institutions offer Master programmes in Bulgaria – universities, colleges and specialized education institutions. Besides, living costs and tuition fees are really affordable.  

Masters study duration 

A Master study in Bulgaria normally lasts between one and two and a half years. If you are applying for a programme, that is different than your Bachelor studies, you should prepare for additional pre-semester, which will prepare you for the relevant discipline. 

Fields of study

Very popular among international students are the medical degrees in Bulgaria, because of the high education level, reasonable costs and the opportunity for the medical students to obtain internship and to work all over the EU member states. Other popular fields of study in Bulgaria are science, mathematics and computer science. Bulgaria is very popular with its very good IT specialists and the well-developed computer science business.

Study language for your Masters in Bulgaria 

Many courses in Bulgarian universities are fully thought in English, German or French. Moreover, there are many collaborations between Bulgarian and foreign universities. If you decide to choose some of those double or triple Masters programmes, you will probably study one semester or one year in Bulgaria and be awarded a double degree from a Bulgarian and a foreign educational institution. In this case, your classes will most probably be thought in English.

Although, the young generation in Bulgaria speaks foreign languages fluently, it will be a big advantage for you, to learn some Bulgarian or at least the alphabet, at least to understand the street signs that are written with Cyrillic letters.

Admission and tuition fees

As an international student you will have different admission requirements, which you will have to check with your chosen university as the criteria vary between institutions. Overall, you will need your Bachelor degree, language certificate, your recent photographs and filled application form. 

Usually, international students pay higher tuition fee and are not funded by the Bulgarian government. Nevertheless, you could get a financial help if study in Bulgarian language.

Life in Bulgaria

Besides the good and affordable education, Bulgaria has much more to offer. The country has long history (founded in 681 year) and interesting traditions. Here you can visit some orthodox churches and monasteries or try a different and delicious cuisine. You can enjoy beautiful landscapes – high mountains, a nice seaside and visit picturesque cities. The most popular Bulgarian cities for international students are Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Blagoevgrad, where both accommodation and transportation are cheap.

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