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Masters in Luxembourg

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International and multilingual Masters in Luxembourg

Are you interested in studying Masters abroad, but being in the heart of Europe? Luxembourg is an attractive destination for students, who enjoy a multicultural and multilingual environment and strive for quality education. 

The official languages of Luxembourg are German, French and Luxembourgish, but English is also widely spoken. If you decide to do your Masters there, you can choose in which language combination you want to study: French/German, French/English, or German/English. Some Masters programmes are taught in the three languages and others - entirely in English. 

Higher education in Luxembourg

The higher education landscape in Luxembourg is dominated by the University of Luxembourg, which was founded in 2003. The university with its three faculties (Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication; Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance; Faculty of Language and Literature, Humanities, Arts and Education) offers 32 Masters programmes. Research plays an important role at this institution for higher education.

The University of Luxembourg has a very international profile. According to its website, it has welcomed 6,287 international students from 110 countries and the academic staff originates from 20 different countries. 

This is the only accredited university in this small country; although, there are campuses of international educational institutions such as the Sacred Heart University Luxembourg or Miami University Dolibois European Center. Besides, there are some colleges and business schools, placed in the country’s capital.

As a founding member of the European Union, Benelux and the United Nation, Luxembourg gives a great value to the ideas of integration and multiculturalism. This reflects also the education in the country. Besides that students are taught in many different languages, the international focus can be found in the obligatory semester abroad for many courses and the cooperative programmes with other universities abroad. Many experts in the European institutions graduate the University of Luxembourg as plenty of study courses, focused on Europe are taught there.

Life and living costs in Luxembourg 

If we have cought your attention and you’re already considering a Masters in Luxembourg, you are may be asking yourself about the life in Luxembourg. 

Well, Luxembourg has a high standard and living there is expensive. The highest cost is the accommodation, but the university offers residences for affordable prices. Tuition fees at the University of Luxembourg are around 200 € per semester.  Anyway, going out in the City of Luxembourg might be expensive for students, so you should consider this before taking the decision to move to this country.

Nevertheless, to study abroad in international environment such as this in Luxembourg is attractive. Visiting many big and famous travel destinations is pretty easy. Brussels, Liege, Paris, Cologne, Frankfurt and many others are close and could simply be reached by train, car or bus.

Luxembourg is a very green country with beautiful river valleys and nature parks. It is a very popular destination for bike lovers as there are many bike roads there. 

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