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Mid Sweden University

Mid Sweden University’s two campus locations, Sundsvall and Östersund, offer natural and cultural experiences beyond the ordinary. Having nature next door and enjoying the friendly atmosphere are some of the things our foreign students find unique and special about their time at our university.  We offer programmes in close collaboration with research and business that are of benefit to society and give you a competitive edge on the global market.

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Mid Sweden University: Student Life

Mid Sweden University is a multi-campus network university with campuses in the cities of Sundsvall and Östersund. We are one of the ten largest institutions of higher education in Sweden. Although we have two campuses, all of the courses will be offered at the same campus.


Sundsvall is one of the biggest cities in northern Sweden and popular among students. Several times, Sundsvall has been elected the most student-friendly municipality in Sweden. The city is situated by the coast, framed by mountains both in the south and in the north. The city centre is called Stenstan (the stone city) and it is known for its beautiful late 19th century stone houses in Neo-Renaissance style.Östersund was elected the most student-friendly municipality in Sweden in 2018. The city and its surroundings have plenty of recreational activities to offer, such as long distance ice-skating, cross-country skiing and hiking. There are, for instance, more than 10 km of ice-skating and skiing tracks on the lake Storsjön.

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Mid Sweden University: Application

Applicants apply via the general online application service of all Swedish universities:

The application period for the winter semester opens in the middle of October and ends on 15 January.

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Overview of Masters programmes - Mid Sweden University

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Mid Sweden University: Costs of living

As a student at Mid Sweden University, you are guaranteed student accommodation, so you don't need to worry about where to live! The estimated cost of living per month in Sweden is a minimum of SEK 8,000. It includes accommodation, internet/telephone, food and insurance.


Mid Sweden University cooperates closely with student housing and recommends five different housing companies in Sundsvall and Östersund. The choice of housing varies, but all types of student accommodation are generally of a high standard. Depending on the area and the type of room, the rent varies from approximately SEK 2000–4000 per month.

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Mid Sweden University

Holmgatan 10
851 70 Sundsvall
T   +46 101428000
E   Send an email

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Holmgatan 10
851 70 Sundsvall
T +46 101428000
Further locations:


Universitetsbacken 1
871 31 Härnösand
T +46 771 975 000


Kunskapens Väg 8
831 25 Östersund
T +46 101428000

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