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The university, and previously as the institute, synthesized many American ideas in education, including a cooperative education programme and grade point average marking. During the 1970s the limited state of Government finances led Dr. Walsh and his team to attract European Investment Bank and World Bank funding in addition to private and alumni donors at a time when Irish universities depended heavily on the State for funds and did not aggressively seek other avenues of finance.

In 1989 before becoming a university, the name Technological University of Limerick was seriously considered as a title for the new university, this being probably considered as a complement to the strength of the institutes courses in technology, or a derivative name of the proposed federal National Technological University which instead lead to the University of Limerick in its own right. Until the mid-1990s it operated a trimesterised academic term, then changed to US-style semesterisation.

In 2005 the university introduced a new corporate logo. UL has been an active participant in the European Union's Erasmus programme since 1988 and now has a total of 207 partner institutions in 24 European countries. In addition, UL students may study at partner universities in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, China and Singapore.

UL formed a strategic alliance with National University of Ireland, Galway in 2010, allowing for shared resources.

The university has four, these are:

  • Kemmy Business School
  • Faculty of Education & Health Sciences (including the Graduate Medical School)
  • Faculty of Science & Engineering
  • Faculty of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Mary Immaculate College, Limerick is also linked to the University.

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How to apply?

Applying for a place on a university programme is a big step for your future – so congratulations on making the decision. The application process is fairly straightforward, though it varies depending on whether you’re applying for a Taught Programme, a Research Degree Programme, a Flexible Learning Programme or an Apprenticeship Programme. For more information please click on the following link:

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Overview of Masters programmes - University of Limerick

    Advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning- Professional Diploma
    Advanced Engineering Materials
    Advanced Healthcare Practice
    Aeronautical Engineering (MSc)
    Airworthiness- Professional Diploma
    Applied Physics (MSc)
    Applied Physics (MSc) - Government stimulus
    Art and Technology (MSc)/(MA)
    Artificial Intelligence - (MSc) (Online)
    Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (MSc)
    Biomedical Device Materials
    Biomolecular Science - (MSc) (Online)
    Bioprocessing (MSc) - Government Funded
    Bioprocessing (MSc) (Online)
    Business Administration
    Business Administration - Corporate MBA (Aviation Management)
    Business Management
    Chemical Engineering Grad Dip
    Civil Engineering (MSc)
    Classical String Performance
    Clinical Psychology
    Community Music
    Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies
    Computational Finance
    Computer Aided Engineering Product Design
    Computer and Communications Systems (MEng)
    Computer Engineering
    Computer Engineering Grad Dip/MEng
    Creative Writing
    Cyberphysical Systems Engineering - Undergraduate Certificate
    Data Analytics and Software Development - Higher Diploma
    Data Science and Statistical Learning - MSc
    Design for Health and Wellbeing - MSc
    Design for Medical Technologies - Professional Diploma
    DevOps and Continuous Software Engineering - Graduate Diploma
    DevOps and Data Analytics - Higher Diploma
    Digital Health Transformation
    Economic Analysis
    Engineering Practice - MSc
    Environmental Science - Higher Diploma
    European Politics & Governance
    Festive Arts
    Finance and Information Systems
    Financial Services
    Gender, Culture & Society
    German Language & Culture in Europe
    Guidance Counselling & Lifespan Development
    Health Education & Promotion
    Health Informatics
    Health Informatics MSc
    History of the Family
    History of the Family (Online)
    Human Resource Management
    Human Rights in Criminal Justice
    Information and Network Security
    Innovation Management – Professional Diploma
    Interaction and Experience Design MA/MSc
    Interactive Media
    International Entrepreneurship Management
    International Management & Global Business
    International Studies
    International Tourism
    Interprofessional Acute and Emergency Care
    Irish Dance Studies
    Irish Music Studies
    Irish Traditional Music Performance
    Irish-German Studies
    Languages and ICT Content Development
    Law (General)
    Lean Healthcare Systems- Professional Diploma
    Marketing, Consumption & Society
    Mathematical Modelling MSc
    Mathematics for Teaching (Level 8) - Professional Diploma
    MBA (Corporate)
    Mechanical Engineering
    Modern Language Studies
    Multilingual Computing & Localisation
    Multilingual Software Development and Translation Technology - Graduate Diploma
    Music Professional Masters
    Music Therapy
    Nursing (Dementia Care)
    Nursing (Palliative Care)
    Nursing (Peri-operative Care)
    Nursing (Psychosocial Interventions in Mental Health Care)
    Nursing (Respiratory Care)
    Nursing Studies
    Occupational Therapy
    Peace and Development Studies
    Physical Education
    Project Management
    Psychological Science
    Quality Management, Lean Systems - Professional Diploma
    Quality Management, Six Sigma - Professional Diploma
    Risk Management and Insurance
    Ritual Chant and Song
    Robotics- Undergraduate Certificate
    Sociology (Applied Social Research)
    Sociology (Youth, Community & Social Regeneration)
    Software Development - Higher Diploma
    Software Development: International Systems, MSc
    Software Engineering
    Software Engineering and Entrepreneurship
    Software Engineering MSc
    Speech and Language Therapy
    Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology
    Sports Performance
    Supply Chain Management - Diploma (Online)
    Supply Chain Management - Professional Diploma (Online)
    Supply Chain Operations - MSc (Online)
    Sustainable Resource Management: Policy & Practice MSc
    Teaching English to Speakers of Other Langauges
    Teaching, Learning and Scholarship
    Technical Communication and E Learning
    Technical Writing (Distance Learning)
    Work & Organisational Psychology/Work & Organisational Behaviour

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University of Limerick

Plassey Park Road
- Limerick
T   +353 61 202 314

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University of Limerick

Plassey Park Road
- Limerick
T +353 61 202 314

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