Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
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5 thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas on a Student Budget

Roses are red, violets are blue. Hold on, is it already Valentine’s day too?! Well of course it is, silly, 14th February is right around the corner! And if you’ve thought that 2019 is the only thing passing by way too fast, wait until you see lovely couples flying around looking for the best gift for their beloved ones. But fear not – the MASTER and MORE team has got you covered!

February – the month of romance and love

Now, before diving into the gifts themselves, we thought that it might be intriguing to learn a little bit about the history and origins of Valentine’s Day. Interestingly, the background of this mostly cultural and religious celebration is not perfectly clear – but it mainly revolves around different saints and people called Valentine, or Valentinus in Latin, and some of their deeds. 

Because of these uncertainties, many history books state the Middle Ages as the true birth period of the romantic event, largely because of the recordings of the first Valentines. But unlike today, when you can just buy one much like a Christmas or a birthday card at the local shop, people would personally write down poems and letters that can truly touch one’s heart, expressing their love and unquenchable thirst for romance. Cool story, bro!

Moving on to the 21st century, Valentine’s Day is more or less based on buying and exchanging gifts. And while there is nothing wrong in expressing feelings in such a manner, there is usually the problem of finding something both meaningful and suitable for a tight student budget! So without further a due, let’s see if you can borrow anything from our list of 5 thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift ideas, regardless if you are Romeo or Juliet. No pun intended. 

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

1. Flora, or flowers

Stereotypical or not, flowers are easily the best Valentine’s idea – for females, of course. Many would also say that a red rose is an absolute must for any loving boy or man for this particular celebration. Truth be told, however, flowers bring up a special kind of feeling in the minds and hearts of the ladies, with the specific color and smell of the bouquet delivering different meanings. 

Try making your beloved one feel special by surprising her – lilies or tulips are not the most common flowers but are often considered as a symbol for joy and passion. Or if you want to be a true gentleman, go for something exquisite like carnations, chrysanthemums or daisies. And remember – sometimes even the gesture of gifting flowers is thoughtful enough!

Tip: Domestic plants might initially seem old-fashioned, but in reality – there are a few very interesting choices that can come as gifts. Check out aloe, bamboo, bonsai and orchid and find out if you can raise some envious eyebrows!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

2. Mmm, chocolate

Our second gift idea is much more gender neutral and universal, and in today’s rich market – extremely affordable. Of course, products made of Belgian or Swiss chocolate can stand out from the crowd but let’s face it: would you turn down a jar of delicious Nutella? Famous brands like Milka, Nestle and Lindt also have Valentine’s Day special edition bundles that come at a good, sweet as chocolate price!

If you are looking to be a little bit extra, then check out if you can order a meter-long chocolate or a deliciously flavoured cake for you and your partner to enjoy! 

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

3. Vouchers

Often considered as a “gift of last resort”, vouchers easily lead to win-win situations, sometimes even unintentionally. Why, you might ask? Because you never know if your girlfriend had always wanted a trip to a nearby amusement park, a lesson in yoga or maybe a simple, relaxing Thai massage!

You can virtually find all sorts of offerings for both males and females, and best of all – go for a refund if anything goes wrong and consider alternatives together with your partner. Additionally, keep in mind that specific companies also offer vouchers equal to a specific value for their products and services which can easily free you from making a choice instead of your better half. 

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

4. Do-it-yourself, or DIY gifts

Let’s be honest here, there is no way you have never considered making or preparing a one of a kind gift! Together with your imagination and knowledge of your companion’s favourite activities, movies and hobbies, you can easily experiment like never before! Just imagine – a self-knit scarf inspired by the Harry Potter series, a necklace with engraved initials, a light bulb terrarium, or maybe even a Photoshop version of your boyfriend standing next to Julia Roberts, all simply a matter of choice.

Still, make sure that you plan your time and resources accordingly, as DIY projects can get a slightly out of hand. If you are unaware about your choices, consult your partner’s friends or family and include them in your work – this will only increase the value of your special Valentine’s Day gift, or gifts!

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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

5. “I am the gift”.

Yeah, you have definitely heard of Tyrion Lannister’s famous quote in the popular seasons of Game of Thrones. But as funny as it might sound, it makes perfect sense, especially for this particular occasion. After all, Valentine’s Day is about winning someone’s heart, and if you have already done that – what more is there to ask for?

Spending the day together while savoring your best moments is a plot of some of the most popular Hollywood films. Remember this the next time when you feel guilty for failing to buy a gift, for whatever reason – sometimes, love is everything that matters. 

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