Free Education Websites
Free Education Websites
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Free Education Websites

Have you ever wanted to learn something at a university level? Are you interested in a wide variety of study fields? Is it possible to gain valuable and interesting knowledge for free? If your answers are yes, this is the article for you!

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The Internet is a source for many types of activities and information. If used effectively, people can gain a lot and answer almost all of their questions. You can find all kinds of solutions and always read something useful. Sadly, the World Wide Web can sometimes do more harm than good, so you better value your time and try to use it to your full potential.

Welcome to the new age of education on the internet

The history of man has never seen access to so much information as in the 21st century. There is a website for every single thing that you can imagine, usually made in the form of a forum, blog or news portal. They offer an attractive design, ease of use and most importantly – innovation. Modern webpages aim to present their information in a new and interesting way, for example with the help of a video, online lecture or pictures.

Unsurprisingly, students form a major part from all users browsing the Internet. After a confusing seminar or course at the university, they are well aware that there should be a perfect website with the information they require. Many young people even decide to use the Web as their chosen higher educational institution while attending their online lessons. In addition, they can take a few classes in a desired (computer) language and sometimes even acquire a certificate. Be aware, as some websites might even prepare a test for you!

Do you think you use the internet to its full potential?

Relying on the Net entirely might seem a bad idea and it is not hugely recommended. People tend to use it in combination with some other trustworthy resources or materials they have for the best result. Nevertheless, it is also important what you are looking for. It is safe to say that today there is information on the internet, that cannot be found written in a book in the real world. The Internet is on the verge of becoming the place where valuable human achievements and parts of history can be stored forever. At the same time it also holds the key to a new future in the dawn of new forms of education, technological advancements and innovative ideas.

If we managed to attract your attention, take a look at the following list. These websites are extremely helpful when it comes to learning something new and useful everyday while devoting a small amount of your time. You can also gain valuable experience thanks to the large amount of successful people you will hear.

The 35 education websites we choose for you:

  1. TED– Online educational lectures on a variety of topics.
  2. University of Reddit – A famous website for many video lessons, practical training and tips.
  3. Khan Academy – Presentations and video explanations mainly in the fields of Mathematics, Science and Engineering.
  4. ALISON – Free online diploma and language courses with more than 7 million users.
  5. Coursera – Website for online specialization courses developed with the help of many famous universities.
  6. – As the name suggests the webpage offers lectures, live conferences and interesting news mainly in the sphere of Computer Science.
  7. OEDb – Open online courses on the main areas of study.
  8. Creative Flow – More than 900 Adobe Photoshop tutorials.
  9. Layers Magazine – Tutorials for Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator and Indesign, as well as many photography themes and tips.
  10. Codeacademy – Learn how to code and make your very own website.
  11. JustinGuitar – Over 990 free guitar lessons for many levels.
  12. Drawspace – Drawing lessons with an introduction for beginners.
  13. Duolingo – Ready to learn a new language in an innovative way?
  14. BBC Languages – More than 30 languages for you to choose from delivered with online courses.
  15. Lifehacker – Articles, tips and tricks regarding life.
  16. Open Culture – More than 1200 free online courses as well as many free movies, audio books, language lessons and much more.
  17. How Stuff Works? – Scientific topics and articles on many intriguing questions starting with “What if…” and “How”.
  18. No Excuse List – Websites for everything you need – from cooking to art.
  19. Zooniverse – Get involved in research and discovery in the areas of science, mainly zoology.
  20. Shodor – The webpage is based on the education of Computational Science with a lot of materials and instruction provided.
  21. Maths & Science – Online courses and lessons for anyone interested in Mathematics and different fields of Science.
  22. UDACITY – Free trials for online programs in the sphere of Computer Science and Engineering.
  23. edX – Free interactive courses in many areas of study delivered with the assistance of top universities (Harvard University, Boston University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology).
  24. Free Computer Books – Free books for programming, web design and computer-related topics.
  25. iTunes U – An innovative app from Apple with many teaching materials, documents, photos, videos and grading system.
  26. Udemy – A website for online courses in many areas with many opportunities to learn anything from programming to accounting for free.
  27. Liberty Classroom – Free and low-cost web courses in Economics and Political Science.
  28. My Own Business – Online course on how to start and expand a business with the help of video, audio and text.
  29. unplugthetv – Randomly generated educational video.
  30. Classpert – A free search engine for online courses .
  31. MIT Open CourseWare – Online educational courses, audio/video lectures and textbooks delivered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  32. Open Yale Courses – Free access to many introductory courses in a diversity of fields of study from distinguished teachers and scholars at the Yale University.
  33. Scitable – Articles, E-Books and many resources regarding Genetics and Cell Biology.
  34. Academic Earth – A free collection of online courses from top universities.
  35. Kutztown University Courses – 90 online learning business programs.
  36. Codelabs – Free open source for programmers.

Have you already bookmarked something that caught your eye? Surely, there is tons of more information and resources you can find helpful. Try to benefit from the Web more often and you will always have an advantage!

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