Health Insurance for International Students in Germany
Health Insurance for International Students in Germany

Health Insurance for International Students in Germany

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When moving to Germany for studies, or any other purpose, you will always need health insurance to ensure that medical support is covered in case something happens. Students up to 30 years old are eligible to apply for public health insurance funds, while those aged over 30 would need to apply for private health insurance instead.

The price of the coverage depends on the profile of the insured person - like the age, number of children, and other factors. However, if you are a student, you are eligible for public health insurance, the price of which is regulated by the government. It costs just around €100 per month, which is a considerably lower amount than the regular price.

The German health insurance industry is quite rich and sophisticated, creating an additional challenge for internationals who need to learn how to navigate within the myriad of offers and choose among solutions that are both necessary and cost-efficient at the same time. On the other hand, students should not be worried about the quality of health insurance services in Germany, as it is actually very high, regardless of public or private coverage.

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Expatrio offers students and expatriates, in general, an opportunity to prepare for their visa application and arrival in Germany in advance, by applying for all the essentials online - fast and easy, without any knowledge of German. With Expatrio, you can apply for both private and public health insurance, and what is more, receive help identifying which type of insurance coverage is the best for you.

Alternatively, being a student, you can get all you need within one application. Apply for the Value Package and get a blocked account and health insurance, which are compulsory components for your visa application, together with many other free benefits. By choosing the Value Package, you save your time and money while benefiting from exceptional service.

Find out more about German health insurance and Value Package right now.

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