How to finance your Masters study in Sweden
How to finance your Masters study in Sweden
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How to finance your Masters study in Sweden

After previously visiting Germany and the Netherlands, the MASTER and MORE team has now decided to take you on a tour to Northern Europe – with a longer stop in Sweden! Of course, this article will cover mostly the financial aspects of a prospective Masters at a Swedish university, including funding opportunities, scholarships, tuition fees, and other in this spectre. If you wish to have a full study journey and find further information, then head on to our dedicated guide Masters in Sweden now!  

Tuition fees in Sweden

Much like at some other European study destinations, students from the EU, EEA or Switzerland do not have to pay tuition fees at public universities in Sweden. In several cases, there is also no requirement of paying an application fee upon admission at chosen institutions. As for other nationalities or students classified as internationals, there is annual tuition of around €12,500 for general Masters courses. 

Of course, there are several disciplines that can lower the amount of digits, like for example a Masters programme in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences – the average fees for these start at €7,500! As for private universities, tuition costs are applied for all enrolled students while a postgraduate study there can be as high as €25,000 for specific subject areas. And there you have it – the perfect moment for a transition to scholarships!

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Swedish Institute scholarships

Run by the government, the Swedish Institute offers a wide variety of scholarship opportunities for many nationalities. Most of them are even based on specific regions, and can cover the full amount of your tuition fees within certain conditions. And since we are focusing on the Masters level, you can check out the following:

Swedish university scholarships

Next up, there is a very long list of public Swedish universities that offer scholarship possibilities entirely for international students. 

Take your time to explore the following listed scholarships and see if you can find suitable offers for a university you are interested in. There are tons of information about application, conditions, requirements and time periods as well. 

Financing your student life in Sweden

So far, so good – chances are that you have found a way to finance your Masters in Sweden. But what about your living costs? After all, they are certainly a part of the whole study experience too. Summarised, you can expect to spend around €900 per month for your student life in Sweden:

  • Accommodation ≈ €400 
  • Meals ≈ €200
  • Transport ≈ €50
  • Leisure and sport ≈ €250

By bringing your ISIC card around, you can also capitalise on a bunch of discounts for all sorts of products and services – from cheaper software to exclusive offers for language courses. Make sure to pack your European Health Insurance Card if you are a holder of one, as it is also worth saving €20 for appointments at the doctor.

Finding student jobs in Sweden

Finally, if you are still having problems keeping your student budget in the green, then you should definitely consider employment. Regardless of your nationality, there are no limitations for working hours, but keep in mind that Swedish universities are demanding.

Still, if you are up for gaining extra budget for your life in Sweden, you can search for some job opportunities online here:

Important: You should familiarise yourself with the conditions regarding your residence and work permit status before considering a student job. Read more about working in Sweden to avoid any confusion. 

Main source used: Study in Sweden

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