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Masters in Finland

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Postgraduate studies in Finland

Thinking about postgraduate study in Finland? There are several reasons why this might be a good decision! Finland has become an insider’s tip among students all over the world. Its advanced higher education landscape and the high-quality standard of life attract numerous people. Finnish universities ensure educational opportunities for every citizen, regardless of cultural background, residency, gender or economic situation.

In Finland you can choose between two kinds of universities. On the one hand, there are the traditional research universities; on the other hand, you will find polytechnic universities. The latter are like colleges, featuring a more practical approach to education. Many Masters courses at Finnish universities stand out through their uniqueness. One reason for this is the multidisciplinary nature of many study programmes, such as the Masters degree in ‘Creative Sustainability’ at Aalto University, which combines product design, architecture and business.

Finnish universities are very globally oriented. This is evident in the language of instruction, for example. Nowadays more and more Masters programmes are offered in English. That said, doing a Masters in Finland could also be a great opportunity to learn Finnish. But keep in mind: Finnish is a very difficult language with a seemingly inscrutable grammar.

The costs of Masters studies in Finland

At Finnish universities you have the privilege of enjoying a free education. You do not have to pay any tuition fees, no matter whether or not you are an EU or EEA citizen. Moreover, there are many financial benefits that students may be eligible for: state grants, housing benefits and low-interest loans. In terms of funding, Finland is one of the most attractive destinations for students worldwide.

Living at the heart of Northern Europe

Both the Finnish people and the Finnish countryside have a lot to offer. The people in Finland are very welcoming and tolerant. Many people are on first-name terms with each other, which creates a family-like social atmosphere. Moreover, Fins put a strong emphasis on a clean and healthy environment.

Finland offers a beautiful landscape. Nature has never suffered from the country’s development. Each of the four seasons has a charm of its own. The midnight sun in summer and the polar night in winter are just overwhelming.

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