Master of American Studies
Accumulate new knowledge about the American society, countries, culture and literature.

Master of American Studies

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Masters programme overview

American studies deal with the American society, country, and culture in an interdisciplinary manner. This Masters programme includes the study of American literature through the ages, American cultural heritage and developments as well as contemporary topics such as immigration, day-to-day politics and influence on the Americas.

Depending on the university you may opt for, the angle taken within your study programme may be wider or narrower. Hence, you may include Canadian literature and the Americas as a basis for comparison at some institutions, while at others you may focus closely on the United States of America and its contemporary subject areas of public discussion.

Employment outlook with a Master of American Studies

With a Master of American studies you become an expert on American matters, which opens up a variety of career prospects. Apart from teaching language and literature in the educational sector, you can also work in the media sector, academic research, cultural institutes or at communication positions in companies. While this Masters programme does not qualify you for one single profession, the broad basis in the humanities allows you to steer your career according to your individual fields of interest.

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American Studies are listed as postgraduate programmes at:

    study programmes     universities
comprehensive profile   Literary Studies: English Literature in a Visual Culture   comprehensive profile   Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  American Literature   comprehensive profile   University College Dublin
  English - Modernities: American and British Literature and Film   comprehensive profile   University College Cork
  North American studies   comprehensive profile   Radboud University
  American Studies     University of Derby
  English and American Studies     University of Manchester
  Atlantic Studies     University of Stirling
  American Studies     University of Nottingham
  American Studies     Swansea University
  American History     University of Cambridge
  American and Canadian Studies     University of Nottingham
  American Literatures     University of Essex
  Literary Studies (American Studies)     Aberystwyth University
  United States Politics     University of Essex
  American Literature and Culture     University of Leeds
  English Literature     University of Hull
  Modern History     Aberystwyth University
  American History     University of Sheffield
  English and American Literature (Canterbury and Paris)     University of Kent
  American Studies     University of East Anglia
  Literary Studies: Pathway in American Literature and Culture     Goldsmiths, University of London
  English     Bangor University
  PGCE Secondary English     University of Manchester
  American Studies     University of Manchester
  American Literature     University of Cambridge
  History     Queen Mary University of London
  Latin American Interdisciplinary Studies     Newcastle University
  International Relations of the Americas     University College London
  English and American Literature     University of Kent
  English Literature     University of Hull
  Modern and Contemporary Writing (Res)     University of Reading
  America and the World     King's College London
  American Studies     University of Hull
  United States Foreign Policy     University of Warwick
  History     University of Sussex
  American Studies (Research)     King's College London
  American Studies     University of Kent
  United States Studies: History and Politics     University College London
  American Studies     King's College London
  History     Plymouth University
  ...     ...


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