Master of Ancient History
Study about the ancient civilizations of Europe, those that laid the ground for the world we live in!

Master of Ancient History

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The Masters curriculum

With a Master of Ancient History you set your study focus on one era, the ancient world. Within this era two cultural groups stand out above all, and you can regard them as the core issues of this particular Masters degree. You discuss the ancient Romans and Greeks, examine their intercultural links as well as their ties to neighbouring civilisations.

Besides this study focus, your study content is also conceptualised in an interdisciplinary manner. Historical and social science topics accompany your study, which enables you to choose from a variety of courses. Exemplary courses are archaeology, history of the fine arts, classical philology or papyrology.

From a methodological perspective, your Master of Ancient History teaches you the art of historical analysis or interpretation and the use of novel sources.

Admission & Application

There are a variety of universities offering Masters programmes in Ancient History as a specialisation of an overall history degree. The one common admission criterion among institutions is an undergraduate degree in history or an equivalent programme in the humanities. In addition, basic language proficiency in Latin and Greek are required at most universities. Nevertheless, we advise you to contact the university directly to double-check once you have chosen a place where you want to study.

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These universities offer a Masters programme in Ancient History:

    study programmes     universities
  Material Culture & Artefact Studies   comprehensive profile   University of Glasgow
  Ancient Cultures   comprehensive profile   University of Glasgow
  Geschichte   comprehensive profile   Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt
  Rome - Ancient and Modern     University of Kent
  Ancient History     University of Liverpool
  Greece, Rome and the Near East     Durham University
  Late Antique and Byzantine Studies     Cardiff University
  Classics and Ancient History     University of Liverpool
  Classics and Ancient History     Durham University
  Classical Civilisation     Birkbeck, University of London
  Ancient History     King's College London
  Classics     University of Nottingham
  Ancient History (Canterbury and Rome)     University of Kent
  Cuneiform Studies     University of Oxford
  Ancient History     Cardiff University
  Visual and Material Culture of Ancient Greece     University of Warwick
  Classics and Ancient History (Research)     University of Exeter
  Classics     University College London
  Antiquity: Egyptology     University of Birmingham
  Judaism and Christianity in the Graeco-Roman World     University of Oxford
  Classics and Ancient History (MPhil)     University of Liverpool
  Visual and Material Culture of Ancient Rome     University of Warwick
  Classical Archaeology     Birkbeck, University of London
  Ancient Philosophy     Durham University
  The Visual Culture of Classical Antiquity     University of Nottingham
  Classics     Durham University
  Assyriology     University of Cambridge
  Classics     University of Birmingham
  Antiquity: Classical Archaeology     University of Birmingham
  The Classical Tradition (Res)     University of Reading
  Ancient Egyptian Culture     Swansea University
  Classical Studies     The Open University
  Ancient History and Classical Culture     Swansea University
  Ancient History     University of Birmingham
  Ancient Narrative Literature     Swansea University
  Classics     Swansea University
  Classics and Ancient History (MPhil)     Newcastle University
  Archaeology     University of Manchester
  History     University College London
  Ancient History     University of Nottingham
  ...     ...

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