Master of Architecture
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Master of Architecture

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Application and content of the Masters

The aim of the Master of Architecture is to expand and intensify your knowledge and understanding of the built environment and architecture. The course develops relevant abilities, knowledge skills and understanding.

The entry requirements for a Masters in Architecture - Applicants should have a Bachelors degree in Architecture or Interior design, as well as a minimum of three months practical experience. Some universities do not consider candidates without a one year gap between their Bachelors degree and M.Arch., as they demand students to undertake different internships in interior design offices, building site work and engineering offices.

The M.Arch. is a two-year full-time course and consists of workshops, lectures and a dissertation. These main components of the course will develop your critical thinking skills which will be tested by means of live-projects with external clients. You will gain increased understanding of your own design solutions.

Job opportunities with a Masters degree in Architecture

Upon completion of this Masters degree, there are a wide range of job opportunities available, such as:

  • Architecture and engineering
  • Independent architect
  • Building design
  • Research and Teaching
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The following universities offer a Master of Architecture:

    study programmes     universities
  Advanced Architectural Design     University of Huddersfield
  Architecture Part 2     University of Greenwich
  History of Art and Architecture of the Islamic Middle East     SOAS, University of London
  Architecture (MPhil)     University of Liverpool
  Architecture and Historic Urban Environments     University College London
  Architecture     Newcastle University
  Applied Design in Architecture     Oxford Brookes University
  Master of Architecture     University of Liverpool
  Architecture     University of Sheffield
  Spatial Design: Architecture and Cities (MSc)     University College London
  Architecture     University College London
  Sustainable Engineering: Architecture & Ecology     University of Strathclyde
  Architecture     University of Lincoln
  Architectural Conservation     Plymouth University
  Architecture, Planning and Landscape (MA)     Newcastle University
  Spatial Design: Architecture and Cities (MRes)     University College London
  Architecture (Research)     University of Lincoln
  Research Architecture (MPhil)     Goldsmiths, University of London
  Architecture     Leeds Beckett University
  Sustainable Architectural Design     University of Lincoln
  Renewable Energy and Architecture     University of Nottingham
  Sustainable Building Conservation     Cardiff University
  Light and Lighting     University College London
  Master of Architecture     Leeds Beckett University
  Architecture     University of Portsmouth
  Architecture Design and Build     University of Nottingham
  Architecture and the Built Environment     University of Huddersfield
  Architecture and the Sustainable Environment     University of Kent
  Architectural Visualisation     University of Kent
  Research in Architecture, Construction and Surveying     Robert Gordon University
  Adaptive Architecture and Computation (MRes)     University College London
  Architecture     Liverpool John Moores University
  BIM and Integrated Design     University of Salford
  Architecture     Oxford Brookes University
  Architecture     University of Liverpool
  Architecture     Northumbria University
  Architecture     Cardiff University
  Landscape Architecture     University of Gloucestershire
  Adaptive Architecture and Computation (MSc)     University College London
  Architecture by Conversion     The Glasgow School of Art
  ...     ...

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