Master of Biotechnology
Biotechnology combines content from biology, biochemistry and biomedicine. Learn more about it bellow.

Master of Biotechnology

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What will you study in this Masters?

The Master of Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary study, as it combines content and techniques of biology, biochemistry and biomedicine. Biotechnology deals with the biological and biochemical processes by which new compounds are produced. Among the most famous examples of biotechnology is the production of beer and wine by adding certain yeast enzymes, or the study of DNA.

The full-time one-year course in Biotechnology aims to teach graduates the relevant skills to pursue careers in biotechnology. This course encompasses molecular cell biology, biochemistry and synthetic biology. After completion of these both taught and research-based Masters, you will focus on a specialised dissertation, which is consistent with your career aspirations.

Why study a Masters degree in Biotechnology?

The career prospects are good, as there is a great demand for graduates in the multifaceted biotechnology industries, which include the pharmaceuticals, food manufacturing and medicine.

A completed Master of Biotechnology primarily prepares you for research-based and laboratory activities. Possible career opportunities are:

  • Science and teaching at universities
  • Research institutes
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Biochemical industry

Master of Biotechnology is offered at these universities:

    study programmes     universities
comprehensive profile   Biotechnologie   comprehensive profile   MCI Management Center Innsbruck
comprehensive profile   Bioengineering   comprehensive profile   University of Tartu
comprehensive profile   Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology     IMC Fachhochschule Krems
comprehensive profile   Bio Data Science     Fachhochschule Wiener Neustadt
  Bioprocédés - Génie des procédés en biotechnologie   comprehensive profile   CPE Lyon - member of Lyon Polytechnic Institute
  Materials and Manufacturing   comprehensive profile   Jönköping University
  Biotechnology   comprehensive profile   Northumbria University
  Life Science and Technology   comprehensive profile   Leiden University
  Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology   comprehensive profile   Leiden University
  Microbiology and Biotechnology     Leeds Beckett University
  Biotechnology / Medical Biotechnology     University of Portsmouth
  Ecological Applications     Imperial College London
  Biotechnology     University of Lincoln
  Plant Science and Biotechnology     University of Leeds
  Cancer Immunology and Biotechnology     University of Nottingham
  Industrial Biotechnology     Liverpool John Moores University
  Food Science (Food Biotechnology)     University of Leeds
  Molecular Biology with Biotechnology     Bangor University
  Advanced Chemical Engineering with Biotechnology     Imperial College London
  Biotechnology     University of Edinburgh
  Bioengineering     University of Nottingham
  Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology     University of Cambridge
  Biotechnology, Bioinformatics and Bio-business     University of Aberdeen
  Molecular Plant Biology and Biotechnology     Imperial College London
  Biotechnology (Doctoral Research)     Newcastle University
  Medical Biotechnology and Leadership     Lancaster University
  Microbiology (Research)     University of Lincoln
  Pharmacology and Biotechnology     Sheffield Hallam University
  Molecular Microbiology (Research)     Newcastle University
  Food Science and Biotechnology     Teesside University
  Wetland Science and Conservation     Bangor University
  Biotechnology and Bioenergy     University of Nottingham
  Bioelectronics and Biosensors     University of Edinburgh
  Bioimaging Sciences     Imperial College London
  Biological Sciences (Research)     University of Bristol
  Biotechnology     Coventry University London
  Biotechnology     University of Nottingham
  Microbiology (MSc)     Birkbeck, University of London
  ...     ...


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