Master of Brewing
If you are eager to learn how to create the best beer in the world, this is your Master.

Master of Brewing

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Study contents and major topics of the Masters programme in Brewing

Brewing beer is a science and there is no one more experienced in this industry than a Brew Master. To be professional brewer, there are several tasks which need to be known in order to get the best results. Therefore, it is not enough to just love beer. To ensure having several good tastes of a beer, the brewery and the ingredients have to be clean. Not only is this important for public safety, but also to create a beer that is high quality and tasteful.

During your studies, the subjects cereals, malting and mashing as well as filtration and packing will accompany you. Further,  the main emphasis of this studies lies on beer, but you also have the chance to get to know how other liquor is made, for example whiskey. With different subjects, as financing, management and marketing, you will learn how to manage your business. This will get you an all-round knowledge of the brewing industry.

Job opportunities with a Masters degree in Brewing

The postgraduate course is set up to last one to two years. You will receive the academic title Masters of Science after the successful completion. You find employments in the expanding brewery, microbrewery and brewpub industries. Many graduates are also starting their own brewery business.

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The Masters programme in Brewing is offered at the following universities:

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  • Barcelona GSE Data Science Winter School 2020: Applications are now open

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