Master of Celtic Studies
This Masters programme will extend your knowledge of the culture and history of the Celtic people!

Master of Celtic Studies

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Postgraduate course content

Your Master of Celtic Studies is an interdisciplinary postgraduate degree. Celtic Studies concern the analysis of the culture, language and history of Celtic people. Thus, your curriculum contains elements of linguistics, history, cultural studies and sociology allowing for a most diverse student life.

There are many different aspects of Celtic ethno-linguistics, including the Irish, Scottish, Breton, Gaelic or Welsh languages. In order to be able to grasp these different cultures, you also deal with the corresponding literature displays. Moreover, you regard the Celtic cultures as a catalyst of Medieval developments, comparing Celtic literature sources to those in other languages, such as Latin.

Jobs with a Master of Celtic Studies

Your career prospects with your Master of Celtic Studies are comparably limited, as you do not qualify for one single profession. Nevertheless, you may qualify for any job that is designed for historians, apart from language teaching and an occupation in education or research.

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These universities include a Master of Celtic Studies in their study programme:

    study programmes     universities
  Irish     Aberystwyth University
  The Celts     Bangor University
  Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic     University of Cambridge
  Heritage     Bangor University
  Welsh and Celtic Studies     Cardiff University
  Celtic Archaeology     Bangor University
  Celtic Studies (Astudiaethau Celtaidd)     Bangor University
  Scottish History     University of Dundee
  Irish and Scottish Gaelic     Aberystwyth University
  Welsh and Celtic Studies     Aberystwyth University
  Celtic Studies     University of Wales Trinity Saint David
  Literatures of Wales     Bangor University
  Celtic and Scottish Studies     University of Edinburgh
  Beginnings of Irish Christianity     University College Cork
  Celtic and Scottish Studies (MScR)     University of Edinburgh
  Irish Art History     Trinity College Dublin
  Modern Irish History     Trinity College Dublin
  English - Irish Writing and Film     University College Cork
  Irish, Celtic Studies & Folklore     University College Dublin
  English and Celtic Studies     Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu
  Scottish History (MScR)     University of Edinburgh
  Scottish Ethnology     University of Edinburgh
  Irish Dance Studies     University of Limerick
  Irish Writing     Trinity College Dublin
  Irish Studies     University College Dublin
  Keltologie     Philipps-Universität Marburg
  Early Irish     Trinity College Dublin
  Scottish History     University of Edinburgh
  Irish-German Studies     University of Limerick
  Irish Music Studies     University of Limerick
  Celtic Civilisation     University College Cork
  English Literature: Scottish Literature     University of Edinburgh
  ...     ...

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