Master of Classical Studies
Focus on ancient civilizations from all around the world. Combine several courses in one Masters!

Master of Classical Studies

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Masters overview

The programme in Classical Studies combines social science, archaeology and philology into an interesting interdisciplinary Masters. Compared to traditional history Masters you focus on prehistoric ages and antiquity. Compared to a programme in Ancient History, you do not only focus on ancient Greeks and Romans but also learn about the Ancient Orient. Thus, you chronologically analyse the development of ancient civilizations.

The Master of Classical Studies usually include the exploitation of novel sources using archaeological techniques. This allows you not only to sit and study, but to do something practical within your studies.

Postgraduate programme in Classical Studies goes international

Many universities broaden their offers for international exchange during any given programme. In economics or political science, this has become quite natural. Even your Master of Classical Studies is likely to include international exchange. Usually, the Masters programme is conceptualised by two or more universities, where the curriculum includes spending semesters at different places. Apart from the academic qualification that may even be a double diploma, you gain an opportunity to broaden your own horizon, make intercultural experiences and learn new languages. Contact the university of your choice to check whether they offer internationally-oriented classical studies.

Admissions and application

The two-year Master of Classical Studies requires an undergraduate degree (Bachelors or equivalent) in history or another subject area in the humanities. Language proficiency is usually required in Latin and Greek, but again you are well advised to contact the institution of your choice directly to double-check.

Classical Studies are listed as Masters programmes at:

    study programmes     universities
  Late Antique, Medieval and Early Modern Studies   comprehensive profile   Central European University (CEU)
  Material Culture & Artefact Studies     University of Glasgow
  Late Antique and Byzantine Studies     University of Oxford
  Judaism and Christianity in the Graeco-Roman World     University of Oxford
  Antiquity: Classical Archaeology     University of Birmingham
  Ancient History     University of Liverpool
  Ancient History     King's College London
  Classics and Ancient History (MPhil)     University of Liverpool
  The Visual Culture of Classical Antiquity     University of Nottingham
  Classics (Res)     University of Reading
  History     University College London
  The Classical Tradition (Res)     University of Reading
  Reception of the Classical World     University College London
  Archaeology     Cardiff University
  Classics     University of Cambridge
  Classics and Ancient History (Research)     University of Bristol
  Jewish Studies in the Graeco-Roman Period     University of Oxford
  Visual and Material Culture of Ancient Greece     University of Warwick
  Classics and Ancient History     Durham University
  Ancient Cultures     University of Glasgow
  Classics and Ancient History     University of Liverpool
  Antiquity: Egyptology     University of Birmingham
  Classical Archaeology     Birkbeck, University of London
  Greece, Rome and the Near East     Durham University
  Classics     University College London
  Classics and Ancient History (Research)     University of Exeter
  Ancient Narrative Literature     Swansea University
  Classics     University of Nottingham
  Classics     Durham University
  Ancient History     University of Nottingham
  Ancient History and Classical Culture     Swansea University
  Classics and Ancient History     University of Exeter
  Visual and Material Culture of Ancient Rome     University of Warwick
  Ancient Egyptian Culture     Swansea University
  Classics     Birkbeck, University of London
  Antiquity: Byzantine Studies     University of Birmingham
  Archaeology (MLitt)     Newcastle University
  Classics     University of Birmingham
  Classical Civilisation     Birkbeck, University of London
  Jewish Studies in the Graeco-Roman Period (MSt)     University of Oxford
  ...     ...


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