Master of Composition
If you like composing, this Masters will ease your path for a career in the music or the film industry.

Master of Composition

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Content for Composers in your Masters course

The Master of Composition deepens your skills in composing musical pieces of variable music genres. While you are talented to compose, this postgraduate course allows you to add academic experiences to your competences. You will not only expand your practical talent in playing your instrument, but gain further knowledge about the bigger composers in the last centuries. Among these are Bach, Hayden, Mozart and Beethoven.

The two-year postgraduate programme awards you with the academic title Master of Arts. You need to pass an application procedure to get accepted. Be aware that some universities distinguish between song or film composition, requiring that you choose for your own specialisation. 

Admission criteria in the Master of Composition

If you are interested in a Master of Composition, you need a Bachelors or an equivalent academic degree. It is common for art or music institutes to hold application procedures that include entry examinations, interviews, and the display of your talent in any way. Thus, we advise you in all Masters programmes of music and the fine arts to contact your university way in advance.

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These universities offer a Master of Composition:

    study programmes     universities
  Music     University of York
  Performance     SOAS, University of London
  Music Composition for Film and Media     University of Hertfordshire
  Music: Electroacoustic Composition/Sonic Art     University of Birmingham
  Music - including composition and performance (MPhil)     Bangor University
  Composition     Birmingham City University
  Critical and Experimental Composition     University of Leeds
  Design in Sound for the Moving Image     The Glasgow School of Art
  Composition     Cardiff University
  Music for the Moving Image     Leeds Beckett University
  Electroacoustic Music Composition     University of Manchester
  Composition     University of Sheffield
  Music - including composition and performance (Research)     Bangor University
  Musical Composition     University of Birmingham
  Music Composition     York St John University
  Music     SOAS, University of London
  Sound Design     Leeds Beckett University
  Composition     University of Manchester
  Music (Composition)     University of Oxford
  Composition and Creative Practice     University of Glasgow
  Electronic Music Composition     University of West London
  Music: Instrumental/Vocal Composition     University of Birmingham
  Music Technology (by research)     University of York
  Composition     Goldsmiths, University of London
  Composing for Video Games     University of Chichester
  Composition     Durham University
  Composition of Music for Film and Television     University of Bristol
  Music Technology, Sonic Arts and Composition     Anglia Ruskin University
  Composition/Electroacoustic Composition/Sonic Art     Bangor University
  Musicology     Durham University
  Production of Popular Music     Kingston University
  Musical Composition     University of Sussex
  Music (Performance, Composition, Musicology)     University of Southampton
  Music: Mixed Composition     University of Birmingham
  Composing for Film and Television     University of West London
  Music (MPhil)     University of York
  Music Composition     University of Nottingham
  Composition for Film/Television     University of West London
  Komposition     Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität Oberösterreich
  Historischer und Zeitgenössischer Tonsatz     Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler Berlin
  ...     ...


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