Master of Dance
If dancing is your passion, why don't you pursue a career with it. Master of Dancing is the stepping stone.

Master of Dance

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The Master of Dance provides you with an in-depth analysis of the art of dancing, choreographies, and rhythmic movements. You learn how to invent, dance, and teach choreographies. Human physiology, body movements, composition and improvisation as well as ethics and aesthetics each play a crucial role in your curriculum. Throughout your studies, you will cope with traditional, folklore, Latin or ballroom dancing as well as contemporary genres.

Apart from the actual art and sport of dancing, you acquire a deeper understanding for academic research in the field, too. Therefore, the Master of Dance commonly takes two years for completion. It entitles you a Master of Arts.

Entry requirements for your Dance and Choreography Masters course

In order for you to successfully apply for a Master of Dance, you need a Bachelors degree in choreography, musicology or dance. An equivalent degree will suffice. Moreover, many universities of the fine arts conduct personal interviews or auditions. Contact your university early in any case in order to make a first contact, give a first impression and plan your application procedure well in advance.

Career prospects with a Master of Dance

A degree in Dance opens up careers in the field of fine arts and music. Cultural institutes, theatres, and dance schools resemble classical job opportunities. Depending on your experience and personal interests, you may enter the music scenery, advertisement or the film industry, too.

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Get your Master of Dance at one of these universities:

    study programmes     universities
comprehensive profile   Media, Art and Performance Studies     Utrecht University
comprehensive profile   Contemporary Theatre, Dance and Dramaturgy     Utrecht University
  Dance     University of Chester
  Theatre & Performance Studies     King's College London
  Dance Performance and Choreography     University of Bedfordshire
  Dance Therapy     University of Worcester
  Performance     Leeds Beckett University
  Dance Anthropology     University of Roehampton
  Dance Studies     University of Roehampton
  Choreomundus: International Master in Dance Knowledge, Practice and Heritage     University of Roehampton
  Performance Practices     De Montfort University
  Performance     Bath Spa University
  Dance Science     University of Bedfordshire
  Dance Movement Psychotherapy     Goldsmiths, University of London
  Making Performance     Edge Hill University
  Choreographing Live Art     University of Lincoln
  Creative Practice     Liverpool Hope University
  Performance Works     Leeds Beckett University
  Choreography     University of Roehampton
  Dance     Bath Spa University
  Dance Movement Psychotherapy     University of Roehampton
  Dance Movement Psychotherapy     University of Derby
  Theatre and Performance by Research     Lancaster University
  Fine Art     Bangor University
  Community Dance Leadership     University of Bedfordshire
  Performance and Creative Research     University of Roehampton
  Drama, or Theatre and Performance     University of Hull
  Choreography and Performance: Masters by Research     University of Roehampton
  Performance Practice     Plymouth University
  Dance (Res.)     Plymouth University
  Choreography     University of Lincoln
  Theatre and Performance     University of Hull
  Somatic Practices by Independent Research     University of Chichester
  Tanz- und Bewegungstherapie     SRH Hochschule Heidelberg
  Irish Dance Studies     University of Limerick
  Dance     The University of Melbourne
  Activites creatrices     Haute Ecole Pedagogique, BEJUNE
  Dance Studies     University of Otago
  Interpretation     Folkwang Universität der Künste Essen
  Fine Arts (Dance)     The University of Melbourne
  ...     ...
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