Master of Dentistry
Improve your skills and knowledge in diagnosing and treating the human mouth!

Master of Dentistry

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Course outlook

Dentistry is the specialisation of medicine in which you deal with teeth, the jaw and oral medicine. A Masters degree in Dentistry is, therefore, aimed at dentists, who want to improve their skills and knowledge in diagnosing and treating the area of a person’s gums. During your study, you learn to identify diseases of the mouth and perform orthopedic surgery.

New medical findings also show that many other diseases, such as cancer, can be visible in the oral cavity. In order to recognise the signs of other diseases, not related to the mouth, dentists also learn to identify some other diseases of the human body.

Admission requirements for a Master of Dentistry

This postgraduate degree is aimed at students, who have already gained experience during their undergraduate studies in this field. The exact requirements for this Masters vary from university to university. Therefore, you should contact the university directly.

A Master of Dentistry is offered both as a full-time or part-time option. A full-time student usually takes 12 to 24 months before being awarded the Master of Science. Part-time students take considerably longer.

Career with a Masters degree in Dentistry

Not only does this Masters programme qualify you to become a dentist in health-care facilities or have your own medical practice and take on new treatments. You can also do a PhD and engage in research and teaching activities.

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The following universities offer a Master of Dentistry:

    study programmes     universities
  Dental Public Health   comprehensive profile   University College Cork
  Dental Public Health     University of Manchester
  Dental Public Health     University of Sheffield
  Orthodontics (Egypt)     University of Dundee
  Prosthodontics (Advanced Training)     University College London
  Aesthetic Dentistry     King's College London
  Periodontology     King's College London
  Dental Public Health (MDPH)     University of Sheffield
  Paediatric Dentistry     University of Leeds
  Orthodontics     University of Sheffield
  Special Care Dentistry     University College London
  Advanced General Dental Practice     University of Leeds
  Oral Surgery     University College London
  Oral and Dental Sciences (Research)     University of Bristol
  Maxillofacial Prosthetic Rehabilitation     King's College London
  Orthodontics     University College London
  Orthodontics (Advanced Training)     University College London
  Oral Biology     Queen Mary University of London
  Periodontology     University of Essex
  Dental Materials Science     University of Birmingham
  Oral Biology     University of Dundee
  Periodontology     University College London
  Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery     University of Manchester
  Dental Public Health distance learning     King's College London
  Orthodontics     Newcastle University
  Periodontology     University of Manchester
  Oral Surgery (Advanced Training)     University College London
  Advanced Minimum Intervention Dentistry     King's College London
  Endodontics     University College London
  Oral Medicine     University College London
  Prosthodontics     University of Dundee
  Oral Medicine and Pathology     University of Bristol
  Oral Sciences     University of Glasgow
  Dental Implantology     University of Sheffield
  Endodontics     University of Glasgow
  Implantology     Cardiff University
  Endodontics     King's College London
  Clinical Dentistry (Prosthodontics)     Cardiff University
  Translational Research in Oral Sciences     University of Leeds
  Advanced General Dental Practice     University of Birmingham
  ...     ...


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