Master of English Literature
Do you want to became an expert about Shakespeare, Dickens and Joyce? Or master your English?

Master of English Literature

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General information

This postgraduate course aims to teach you the advanced study of a wide range of literature in English, from the early modern to the contemporary period. You will explore the diversity of literary and cultural heritage with the help of different subjects and classes.

The Masters programme in English Literature will provide students with a detailed and sophisticated understanding of English and related literature, and support students’ critical and creative engagement with issues of English literary studies.

Because the study is consecutive, the Masters degree in English Literature builds on your previous Bachelors degree and deepens the knowledge gained from this first qualification. The standard study period of this Master programme lasts one to two years.

Professional future with a Masters programme in English Literature

Upon completion of your Masters degree in English Literature you will be accredited the title Master of Arts. You can take employment in several fields:

  • Academic Research & Teaching
  • Adult Education
  • Cultural and linguistic institutions
  • Language interpretation
Hier steht Text

The Master of English Literature is available at the following universities:

    study programmes     universities
comprehensive profile   Literary Studies: English Literature in a Visual Culture   comprehensive profile   Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
comprehensive profile   Linguistics and Literature: English   comprehensive profile   University of Antwerp
comprehensive profile   Teacher Education in English / German / French   comprehensive profile   HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht
  TESOL Studies   comprehensive profile   University College Dublin
  English – Texts and Contexts: Medieval to Renaissance   comprehensive profile   University College Cork
  English - Modernities: American and British Literature and Film   comprehensive profile   University College Cork
  Medieval English Literature & Culture   comprehensive profile   University College Dublin
  Anglo-Irish Literature & Drama   comprehensive profile   University College Dublin
  English, Drama & Film   comprehensive profile   University College Dublin
  Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages   comprehensive profile   University College Dublin
  English Language and Applied Linguistics (Research)     University of Birmingham
  English Literature (Res)     University of Reading
  TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)     Edge Hill University
  English Literature     Northumbria University
  Chinese-English Translation and Interpreting     University of Essex
  English Language Teaching & Applied Linguistics     King's College London
  Sexual Dissidence     University of Sussex
  English Language Teaching     University of Sussex
  English     University of Sussex
  Writing the Modern World     University of East Anglia
  Twentieth Century British History     University of Birmingham
  Early Modern Literature and Culture     University of Sussex
  English Linguistics     University College London
  Contemporary Literatures     Leeds Beckett University
  English Education     University College London
  TESOL (Teacher Education)     University of Leeds
  Victorian Studies     Leeds Trinity University
  English Linguistics (Distance Learning)     Birmingham City University
  English - Contemporary Literature     The University of Northampton
  Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching     Kingston University
  Translation Studies with TESOL     University of Hull
  English Literature (by Research)     The University of Buckingham
  English Studies     University of Sheffield
  Eighteenth Century Britain     Aberystwyth University
  English: Renaissance and Eighteenth-Century Literature     University of Liverpool
  TESOL (Hong Kong)     Lancaster University
  History of the British Isles     Birkbeck, University of London
  English Literature (Modern and Contemporary Pathway)     University of Leeds
  English Literature 1500-1900     Newcastle University
  ...     ...


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