Master of European Studies
Europe, EU, and the future of the "old continent" are very live topics. Learn all about it with this Masters!

Master of European Studies

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Focus of the Study 

The European political and economic context is growing ever more complex. National structures are losing their significance more and more, while a multi-structural and multi-governance approach to European affairs is not to be compensable anymore. Thus, you learn to understand that European politics embraces the interaction between local, regional, national and European actors. The Master of European Studies is an interdisciplinary degree course that prepares you to interact within that very context. You deepen your knowledge in different academic fields such as sociology, law, economics and political science. You will come across lectures, tutorials or projects in European economic policy, European regulation or social policy. But you also become an expert in European law, studying all the treaties, case law, and regulations.

The Master of European Studies aims at understanding the functioning of the European Union institutions, the European Parliament, Commission, Court of Justice or Council of Ministers. Next to your study of their legal foundations, you predominantly learn through the conduction of analytical projects writing (fictive) proposals to the Parliament or Commission, for instance.

This particular Masters degree in European Studies has grown to be very popular nowadays which is why an increasing number of universities offer the programme. For admission criteria, a definite course content or application procedures, we advise you to pick a destination (country, university, college, etc.), and inquire information from your choice’s university. 

Manifold career perspectives with a Master of European Studies

Due to its interdisciplinary character, your career prospects are manifold. Within this section, we attempt to give you an overview of your opportunities in community, regional, national or European positions. In general, your personal career outlook depends on your individual study focus.

  • Political and business consultancies
  • International companies
  • EU institutions
  • Think tanks
  • NGOs

Study European Studies as a Masters programme at these universities:

    study programmes     universities
comprehensive profile   Niederlande-Deutschland-Studien (Joint Degree der Radboud University und der Westfälischen Wilhelms-Universität Münster)   comprehensive profile   Radboud University
comprehensive profile   European and International Business Management   comprehensive profile   Deusto Business School - University of Deusto
comprehensive profile   European Studies - Governance and Regulation     Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn
comprehensive profile   International Relations and Regional Studies     University of Tartu
comprehensive profile   European Governance (double-degree programme)     Utrecht University
  History   comprehensive profile   Radboud University
  Professional Translating for European Languages     Newcastle University
  Central and South-East European Studies     University College London
  European Gender & Equality Studies     University of York
  European Languages and Cultures     Lancaster University
  International Relations     University of Essex
  Modern European History     University of East Anglia
  European History     Newcastle University
  Social Science Research Methods (International Relations)     Cardiff University
  European Public Policy     University of Strathclyde
  Eighteenth-Century Studies     University of Sheffield
  Studies in Media and Culture     University of Lincoln
  European Studies: Modern European Studies     University College London
  Late Antique and Byzantine Studies     Cardiff University
  Economy, State and Society: Economics and Business     University College London
  Contemporary European Studies     University of Bath
  European Politics     University of Sussex
  European Studies     London School of Economics and Political Science
  Global Europe: Culture and Conflict     London School of Economics and Political Science
  European Studies (by research)     Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University
  Atlantic Studies     University of Stirling
  European Studies     King's College London
  European History     King's College London
  Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies     University of Glasgow
  European Union Studies     Newcastle University
  European Studies (MPhil)     London School of Economics and Political Science
  International Relations (European)     Durham University
  Economy, State and Society: Politics and the International Economy     University College London
  Europe and the World (Double MA with Institut d’Etudes Politiques, Lille, France)     Aston University
  Early Modern Studies     University College London
  Modern Languages     University of Chester
  Modern Languages & Cultures     Durham University
  ...     ...

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