Master of Film
The advancing Film industry holds a great deal of opportunities. Get your Masters and embrace them!

Master of Film

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Film Studies in a Masters degree course

While you are likely to have grown up with your parents, telling you to not watch too much TV, you may now opt for a career where watching movies and TV is a crucial part of your academic studies. Or at least where Hollywood, Bollywood, Oscar nominations, and acting are not just as a means of procrastination. A Master of Film offers you a comprehensive understanding for film productions, contemporary movies, and media development. The history of film, media design, aesthetics, acting and performing arts belong to your curriculum as much as production, documentaries, and advertisements.

Your individual weekly schedule may include film analysis, history of film, fine arts, and media theories. You learn how to analyse a movie methodologically, recognise structures, and compare design strategies.

Career Prospects in the Film industry

The Master of Film provides you with manifold job opportunities in the film industry. Pursue a career in advertisement, libraries, publishing houses, film studios, theatres, broadcasting services, education and research.

These universities and colleges list a Master of Film in their study programme:

    study programmes     universities
  Film and Photography     University of Derby
  Visual Culture     Goldsmiths, University of London
  Film and Television Production (MPhil)     Anglia Ruskin University
  Producing Film and Television     Bournemouth University
  Film     University of Kent
  Documentary Practice     Queen Mary University of London
  Sound Production for Film and Television     Bournemouth University
  Media and Cultural Studies (Research)     University of Lincoln
  Film and Television     University of Bristol
  Theatre Directing (MA)     University of Essex
  Critical Screen Practice     Edge Hill University
  Illustration     University of Derby
  Advanced Thin Film Technologies     University of the West of Scotland
  Composition for Film/Television     University of West London
  Filmmaking (Documentary and Experimental)     University of West London
  Film, Television and Creative Practice     University of East Anglia
  Filmmaking: Concept to Screen     Bangor University
  Filmmaking     University of Sussex
  International Film Business     University of Exeter
  Scriptwriting     Bournemouth University
  Digital Effects     Bournemouth University
  Film Studies (Res)     University of Sussex
  Film Studies     University of East Anglia
  Film Studies     University of Birmingham
  Film and Screen Studies     University of Cambridge
  Film and Television (Research)     University of Bristol
  Filmmaking     Sheffield Hallam University
  Film     University of Southampton
  Film Studies     University of Sussex
  Media, Film and TV Production     University of Lincoln
  Film and Video     Plymouth University
  International Cinema     University of Bedfordshire
  Film Studies     University of Dundee
  Visual Effects     Ravensbourne
  Screenwriting     Liverpool John Moores University
  Theatre, Film & Television     University of York
  Film and Television Studies     University of Nottingham
  Film Studies     Keele University
  Film Studies     University of Essex
  Producing for Film and Television     Teesside University
  ...     ...


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