Master of Geoarchaeology
How do geology and society interrelate? Prepare for a career in museums or archaeological enterprises.

Master of Geoarchaeology

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Geological phenomena intervene with human living and humans foster geological alternations. But how do geology and society interrelate? And how can we comprehend these interrelations? The Master of Geoarchaeology combines both the social and life sciences. Thus, you take courses in soil science, geo-ecology, human geography or satellite imaging. You learn how to excavate, map or analyse landscapes. Moreover, you will deal with modern approaches such as sustainability studies within the subject of environmental planning. However, cultural studies and foreign languages also comprise a significant part of your Masters studies.

As one would expect, the Master of Geoarchaeology carries an international character with it. Most universities offer semesters abroad in their curricula, some even require them in the study period.

Career prospects as a Geoarchaeologist

With a degree in Geoarchaeology, you qualify for academic research, private research institutes, museums, historic monuments protection authorities or archaeological excavation enterprises.

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The universities listed below offer a postgraduate course in Geoarchaeology:

    study programmes     universities
  Archaeology   comprehensive profile   University of Edinburgh
  Mediterranean Archaeology   comprehensive profile   University of Edinburgh
  Archaeology (MScR)   comprehensive profile   University of Edinburgh
  Palaeontology and Geobiology   comprehensive profile   University of Edinburgh
  European Archaeology   comprehensive profile   University of Edinburgh
  Human Osteoarchaeology   comprehensive profile   University of Edinburgh
  Classical Art and Archaeology   comprehensive profile   University of Edinburgh
  Celtic Archaeology     Bangor University
  Human Osteology and Funerary Studies     University of Winchester
  Archaeology     University of Oxford
  Forensic Archaeology     Bournemouth University
  Environmental Archaeology     University College London
  Palaeopathology     Durham University
  Archaeological Science     University of Nottingham
  Cultural Heritage Studies     University College London
  Archaeology of the Classical Mediterranean     University of Sheffield
  Archaeology     Durham University
  Archaeology     University of Aberdeen
  Archaeology and Heritage Practice     University of Chester
  Conservation for Archaeology and Museums     University College London
  Bioarchaeology     University of Exeter
  Archaeology     University of Liverpool
  Archaeology of Death and Memory     University of Chester
  Funerary Archaeology     University of York
  Principles of Conservation     University College London
  Archaeological Research     University of Cambridge
  Experimental Archaeology     University of Exeter
  Science and Engineering in Arts, Heritage and Archaeology     University College London
  Zooarchaeology     University of York
  Archaeology (MA)     Newcastle University
  History of Art and/or Archaeology     SOAS, University of London
  Managing Archaeological Sites     University College London
  Archaeology     University College London
  Osteoarchaeology     University of Southampton
  Forensic Archaeology and Crime Scene Investigation     University of Bradford
  Archaeology     University of Glasgow
  Archaeological Science (MSc)     University of Oxford
  Archaeological Practice     Birkbeck, University of London
  Human Bioarchaeology     University of Winchester
  Environmental Archaeology     University of Reading
  ...     ...

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