Master of Geosciences
If you want to learn more than you acquired in your Bachelors studies, consider this Masters!

Master of Geosciences

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Study the natural environment

The Master of Geosciences enables you to gain in-depth and more specific knowledge as an extension of the one, obtained in your Bachelors degree.

Most universities offer Geosciences as a research or taught Masters course. A taught Masters comprises two taught semesters with an individual research project and subjects areas include: geology, geography, hydrogeology, geothermal, and mineralogy. A research Masters is designed for students who want to pursue future research and comprises itself of an year of research in one of these subject areas.

Entry requirements 

You should hold a Bachelors degree relevant to this subject and some universities also require a written personal statement which includes information on relevant knowledge skills. Depending on the specific subject area you want to study within the Geosciences, universities might also require proof of relevant work experience.

What can you do with a Masters degree in Geosciences?

With a Master of Geosciences you can pursue many different career paths, that deal with exploration and discovery in order to answer some challenging problems our society faces. Possible fields of work include:

  • Conservation
  • Consulting (waste, use of resources)
  • Research
  • Geologist (marine, hydro, glacial, economic, etc.)
  • Mineralogist
  • Volcanologist
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Universities offering Master of Geosciences courses:

    study programmes     universities
  GeoEnergy   comprehensive profile   University of Edinburgh
  GeoSciences (Individual Project)   comprehensive profile   University of Edinburgh
  Geochemistry (Doctoral Research)     Newcastle University
  Earth Sciences (Research)     University of Bristol
  Environmental Dynamics and Climate Change     Swansea University
  Geographic Information and Climate Change     Swansea University
  Exploration Geophysics     University of Leeds
  Geospatial and Mapping Sciences     University of Glasgow
  Structural Geology with Geophysics     University of Leeds
  Geographical Sciences - Physical Geography (Research)     University of Bristol
  Geotechnical Engineering     University of Dundee
  Applied and Petroleum Micropalaeontology     University of Birmingham
  Earth Sciences     University of Cambridge
  Geographic Information Science     Birkbeck, University of London
  Glaciology     Swansea University
  Petroleum Geoscience     Imperial College London
  Petroleum Geochemistry     Newcastle University
  Integrated Petroleum Geoscience     University of Aberdeen
  Geoinformation Technology and Cartography     University of Glasgow
  Earth Sciences     Durham University
  Earth and Ocean Sciences     University of Liverpool
  Applied Marine Geoscience     Bangor University
  Geophysics     University of Aberdeen
  Geography and Earth Sciences     Aberystwyth University
  Earth Sciences     University College London
  Environmental Monitoring and Analysis     Aberystwyth University
  Environment (by research)     University of York
  Environmental and Petroleum Geochemistry     Newcastle University
  Earth Observation     Swansea University
  Earthquake Engineering with Disaster Management     University College London
  River System Dynamics and Management     Aberystwyth University
  Geomatics & Management     University of Glasgow
  Earthquake Engineering and Infrastructure Resilience     University of Bristol
  Data Assimilation and Inverse Modelling in Geosciences     University of Reading
  Glaciology     Aberystwyth University
  Civil and Geoenvironmental Engineering     Cardiff University
  Geotechnical Earthquake and Offshore Engineering     University of Dundee
  Earth Sciences (MPhil)     University of Cambridge
  Climate Change and Development     University of Reading
  Luxury Jewellery Management     Birmingham City University
  ...     ...

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