Master of Human Rights
As Master of Human Rights you will legally defend people from terrorism, discrimination and other crimes.

Master of Human Rights

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Study contents and key aspects

The terms terrorism and international conflict are always at the centre of security policy discussions. International law and human rights make up a large share of these debates. Is it legitimate and legally acceptable to respond to a terrorist attack by sending in troops? Which human rights do you have to protect in particular? Any international conflict affects and involves at least two parties, thus more than one perspective needs to be taken into account when finding a solution. Within your Master of Human Rights you analyse these and many more controversies. 

The Master of Human Rights teaches you to use the law to protect any individual and is the cornerstone for our democratic societies. To grasp the complexity of human rights, the programme is set up in an interdisciplinary fashion. While dealing with judicial subjects, you constantly analyse political foundations and institutional set-ups of any given state. 

Your seminars may include topics such as social, cultural or civil law, discrimination, asylum politics or women’s rights. Depending on your individual focus, you may also have the possibility of qualifying to take up a profession in (international) criminal law. 
The admission criteria of the two-year Master of Human Rights require an undergraduate degree.

Job Opportunities with this Master 

A deep understanding for human rights and international conflicts opens up interesting, international job prospects. You can defend victims of any human rights violations in international organizations or NGOs. Other careers are possible in political institutions, media agencies or academic research. Whatever it is, a Masters degree will help you in reaching your career goals.

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A Masters programme in Human Rights is offered by these institutions:

    study programmes     universities
comprehensive profile   Human Geography   comprehensive profile   Radboud University
comprehensive profile   M.A. International Social Sciences   comprehensive profile   Theologische Hochschule Friedensau
comprehensive profile   Law: International Migration and Refugee Law   comprehensive profile   Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
comprehensive profile   European Master's Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation   comprehensive profile   Global Campus of Human Rights
comprehensive profile   Public International Law     Utrecht University
comprehensive profile   Conflict Studies and Human Rights     Utrecht University
  Human Rights in Criminal Justice   comprehensive profile   University of Limerick
  Safeguarding     Birmingham City University
  Human Rights Law     Cardiff University
  International Commercial Law and Human Rights     Aberystwyth University
  Global Health, Law and Governance     Queen Mary University of London
  Global Citizenship, Identities and Human Rights     University of Nottingham
  Political and Legal Theory: Toleration     University of York
  Human Rights     Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University
  Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies     Lancaster University
  Equality & Human Rights     University of Glasgow
  International Human Rights Law     University of Liverpool
  Human Rights & International Politics     University of Glasgow
  MA International Human Rights     The University of Law
  International Human Rights Law and Development     University of Bradford
  Human Rights and the Environment     Lancaster University
  Human Rights     University of Roehampton
  Human Rights     Nottingham Law School
  Security Studies     University College London
  Rights, Gender and International Law     Aberystwyth University
  Law     University of York
  Human Rights Law     University of Bristol
  Politics of Conflict, Rights & Justice     SOAS, University of London
  International Justice and Human Rights Law     Edge Hill University
  Human Rights, Conflict and Justice     SOAS, University of London
  International Human Rights Law     University of Leeds
  Citizenship and Human Rights     Glasgow Caledonian University
  The Criminal Justice Process     University of Salford
  Human Rights and Cultural Diversity     University of Essex
  Development and Human Rights     Swansea University
  International and Comparative Legal Studies (General Programme)     SOAS, University of London
  Democracy, Human Security and International Law     Aberystwyth University
  International Criminal Justice & Human Rights     University of Dundee
  ...     ...

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