Master of Industrial Engineering
Develop and evaluate the application of technology in economic terms.

Master of Industrial Engineering

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Course content of the Masters programme in Industrial Engineering

A Master of Industrial Engineering deals with topics between the business and engineering sciences. The course is concerned with evaluating the development and application of technology in economic terms. During this Masters course, you apply theoretical knowledge into practical experience, for example, design new products that meet the needs of the market or use technology to reduce production costs.

Depending on the institution, there are various specialisations and you can choose to study what interests you the most. Possible subjects include product engineering, industrial engineering, electrical engineering, or manufacturing engineering.

Generally, a Master of Industrial Engineering takes between one or two years. After the successful completion of the course, you will receive the internationally recognised degree Master of Science (M.Sc.) or Master of Engineering (M.Eng.).

Career prospects with a Masters degree in Industrial Engineering

Having a Masters degree in Industrial Engineering, is an exciting opportunity for graduates, as the economy has need for engineers and their work can help with cost control by increasing efficiency within an organisation. This makes engineers very desirable to employers in most industries. Career fields:

  • Management and Consulting
  • Product Planning and Management
  • Machinery and Facility construction
  • Research and Development
  • Public Administration
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Universities offering Master of Industrial Engineering:

    study programmes     universities
comprehensive profile   Engineering Management   comprehensive profile   University College Dublin
comprehensive profile   Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen   comprehensive profile   MCI | Die Unternehmerische Hochschule®
comprehensive profile   Engineering with Business   comprehensive profile   University College Dublin
comprehensive profile   Management   comprehensive profile   University College Dublin
comprehensive profile   Engineering Practice - MSc   comprehensive profile   University of Limerick
comprehensive profile   International Management Asia-Europe (M.A.)     Hochschule für Technik Wirtschaft und Gestaltung (HTWG) Konstanz
comprehensive profile   Mannheim Master in Management Analytics (Part-Time)     Mannheim Business School gGmbH
  Management & Technology   comprehensive profile   TUM School of Management Heilbronn
  Master of Industrial Engineering (I-ENG) Specialism 1: Agile Factory Management (AFM) Specialism 2: Smart and Connected Enterprise (SCE)   comprehensive profile   Centrale Nantes (ECN)
  JEMARO - Japan Europe Master on Advanced Robotics   comprehensive profile   Centrale Nantes (ECN)
  Design Engineering     Bournemouth University
  Engineering Business Management     University of Warwick - WMG
  Advanced Engineering Management - Operations Management     University of Birmingham
  Engineering Project Management     Coventry University London
  Engineering Management     University of the West of Scotland
  Professional Engineering Work-Based Learning     University of Hertfordshire
  Computational Fluid Dynamics     Cranfield University
  Manufacturing Technology and Management     Cranfield University
  Industrial Systems, Manufacture, and Management     University of Cambridge
  Food Production Management     University of Nottingham
  Engineering Business Management     University of Bath School of Management
  Advanced Control and Systems Engineering (with Industry)     University of Sheffield
  Advanced Engineering Management - Construction Management     University of Birmingham
  Engineering Management (CMI)     Arden University
  Advanced Engineering and Management     Sheffield Hallam University
  Engineering Management     London South Bank University
  Professional Engineering     Kingston University
  Engineering Management     University of South Wales
  Industrial Project Management     University of Birmingham
  Advanced Engineering Management - Systems Management     University of Birmingham
  Engineering Business Management     University of Sussex
  Engineering Management     The University of Sunderland
  Professional Engineering     Aston University
  Engineering     The University of Northampton
  Engineering Management     Middlesex University London
  Biochemical Engineering with Industrial Management     University of Sheffield
  Civil Engineering & Management     University of Glasgow
  Rotating Machinery, Engineering and Management - Thermal Power     Cranfield University
  Engineering Management     Aston University
  ...     ...


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