Master of International Business Law
The Master of International Business Law combines Legal Studies with Economics.

Master of International Business Law

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Main topics

The global economy is a complex and dynamic system. As of today, almost every business is involved in one or more international markets or affairs. This is possible due to fast-paced economic development, open political systems and last but not least – legal regulations. 

All of these three major factors have led to the introduction of one of the most exciting modern academic disciplines – International Business Law. When offered as a Master degree course you will have the opportunity to spend from two to four semesters actively solving several economic problems mainly with the help of legal competence. 

You will deal with several subjects revolving around the area of Business Law, and more importantly, with an international focus. Here are some potential topics:

  • Corporate Governance
  • International Trade Law
  • Competition Law
  • Market Regulation
  • Intellectual Property

In addition, depending on your interests, there are many specialization options allowing you to deepen either your business or legal skills. For example, if you are interested in legislation, treaties and contracts you can choose European Business Law. 

Applying and admission requirements

Generally, you will have to present a Bachelor degree in a legal science. Good language skills, especially in English, will be highly appreciated. Some universities also expect job experience and strong, well-written and rich CVs. Please contact your desired higher education institution for exact information.

Future career with a Master of International Business Law

Upon successful completion you will be awarded with the academic title “Master of Laws”. As a young and professional expert in possession of legal and economic knowledge you can find employment at every multinational company. What is more, you will be able to participate for a leadership position at a variety of EU institutions, government sectors and political parties. 

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