Master of International Politics
Learn all about Political Theory with an international point of view.

Master of International Politics

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Study contents and focuses

The importance of several national, international and global political events, both in the past and the expected in the future, has led to the introduction of the academic discipline International Politics. This multidisciplinary degree  deals with topics such as Foreign Policy, Governance, Political Economy and last but not least, the processes of globalization.

During your Master studies in this exciting field you will go through basic subjects like:

  • Political Systems
  • State and Community
  • History of Political Thought 
  • Policy and Government

In addition, your international specialization will deepen your knowledge in Foreign Affairs, International Organizations and Comparative Politics. You will be prepared for every political debate after countless seminars based on a variety of hot topics – from environmental policy to national security.

Admission for a Master of International Politics

In order to apply for such course you will have to present a previously acquired Bachelor in the same or related area of the political science. Some universities might also require language skills, usually in English. The requirements also vary depending on your course, where in some cases you might have to go through a university interview or entry test.

Graduation and job perspectives

Upon successful completion after a study period of up to four semesters you will be awarded with either a “Master of Arts” or “Master of Science”. As a young and professional graduate your perspectives will be endless with opportunities in versatile areas of application such as:

  • Political Institutions
  • International Organizations
  • Government Positions
  • Public Administration
  • Educational Centers 
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The following universities offer Masters courses in International Politics:

    study programmes     universities
comprehensive profile   International Relations   comprehensive profile   University of Groningen
  Geopolitics & the Global Economy   comprehensive profile   University College Dublin
  International Politics     SOAS, University of London
  International Development: Politics and Governance     University of Manchester
  International Relations     Middlesex University London
  International Relations     Liverpool Hope University
  Global Politics and Law (Law)     University of Sheffield
  Diplomacy     Henley Business School
  International Political Economy     University of Birmingham
  Global Communications and International Politics     University of Hull
  International Relations     Regent's University London
  Critical International Politics (Res)     Aberystwyth University
  Communication for Development     University of Reading
  Research in Politics & International Studies     University of Warwick
  Global Politics     Aberystwyth University
  Global Social and Political Thought     University of St Andrews
  International Public Policy     Queen Mary University of London
  Empires, Colonialism and Globalisation     London School of Economics and Political Science
  International Political Economy     University of Sheffield
  Global Studies: A European Perspective     London School of Economics and Political Science
  International Political Communication, Advocacy and Campaigning     Kingston University
  International Politics     University of Hull
  Citizenship and Human Rights     Glasgow Caledonian University
  Economy, State and Society: Politics and the International Economy     University College London
  International Development     Northumbria University
  Religion in Global Politics     SOAS, University of London
  Global Politics     London School of Economics and Political Science
  International Politics (Global Justice and Ethics)     Newcastle University
  International Political Economy     Newcastle University
  International Politics of the Internet     Aberystwyth University
  International Politics (Globalisation, Poverty and Development)     Newcastle University
  Postcolonial Politics     Aberystwyth University
  International Policy And Diplomacy     Staffordshire University
  International Political Economy     King's College London
  International Relations (Res)     University of Sussex
  Human Rights & International Politics     University of Glasgow
  International Politics and Economics     Kingston University
  Global Politics and Law (Politics)     University of Sheffield
  International Relations     University of Sussex
  International Security     Oxford Brookes University
  ...     ...


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