Master of Interreligious Studies
Learn about the similarities and the differences in the five big religions of the world!

Master of Interreligious Studies

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Contents of the Masters course

The influence of religion on any community is enormous. While the five world religions vary clearly in their religious practice, the moral foundations and assumptions are astoundingly similar in concept. In your Master of Interreligious Studies, you connect, compare and interpret the different religious beliefs and approaches and relate your findings to the societal context in general. This enables you a better understand of arising conflicts between religious groups, fundamentalists or even states.

The interreligious curriculum contains the analyses of sacred writings and traditions. You reflect what is in the writings with today’s day-to-day business. In order to conduct sound analyses, you use tools from sociology, history and ethnology, too.

Career perspectives with your Masters degree

The one- to two-year study duration ends with your entitlement as a Master of Arts in Interreligious Studies. With a qualification in Interreligious Studies, you open yourself interesting career prospects in any institution or organisation that demands for interconfessional competencies.

Study Interreligious Studies as a Masters course here:

    study programmes     universities
comprehensive profile   M.A. International Social Sciences   comprehensive profile   Theologische Hochschule Friedensau
comprehensive profile   Master of Theological Studies (MTS)   comprehensive profile   Theologische Hochschule Friedensau
  Religion and Public Life     University of Leeds
  Theology and Religion (Research)     University of Exeter
  Religions and Theology     University of Manchester
  Theology & Religious Studies Research     King's College London
  Theology and Religion     University of Birmingham
  Israeli Studies     SOAS, University of London
  Buddhist Studies     SOAS, University of London
  Christian Ministry     University of Roehampton
  Palestine Studies     SOAS, University of London
  Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies     University of Birmingham
  Theology     University of Oxford
  Theology     University of Nottingham
  Quakerism in the Modern World     Lancaster University
  Biblical Studies     Durham University
  Death, Religion and Culture     University of Winchester
  Buddhist Studies     University of South Wales
  Study of Religions     SOAS, University of London
  Jewish Studies     Liverpool Hope University
  Theological Ethics     University of Aberdeen
  Bible and the Contemporary World – Distance Learning     University of St Andrews
  Ministry Studies (Aberdeen)     University of Aberdeen
  Bible Interpretation     University of Oxford
  Theology and Religious Education     Liverpool Hope University
  Religion (Canterbury and Paris)     University of Kent
  Chaplaincy Studies     York St John University
  Religious Studies     University of Nottingham
  Applied Theology     University of Oxford
  Diplomacy and Religion     Lancaster University
  Religion, Leadership and Society     University of Sheffield
  Theology and Religious Studies     Bangor University
  Theology and Religious Studies     University of Nottingham
  Chaplaincy Studies: Military     Cardiff University
  Spirituality, Theology & Health     Durham University
  Religions, Society and Education (Christian Education)     University of Warwick
  Interreligious Relations     De Montfort University
  Philosophical Theology     University of Oxford
  Systematic and Historical Theology     University of St Andrews
  Theology and Religious Studies     University of Roehampton
  ...     ...


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