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Master of IT

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Course overview – Master of Information Technology (IT)

Information technology, or better known as IT, is a dynamic industry and discipline. This sector has seen a lot of technological changes and innovations in software and hardware in an effort to meet the modern day technological challenges and needs.

Obtaining a Master of IT is an important step in advancing your career in the field of Information Technology as this degree is seen as a prerequisite for advanced IT positions and positions of leadership in IT departments.

The study goals comprise themselves of learning to develop and construct IT devices, systems and networks and being able to plan, implement and maintain these. With a Master of IT, you usually specialise in a specific field of study such as IT project management, software engineering, network administration, information security, and business analysis.

Admission and career opportunities with a Master of IT

For entry to a postgraduate IT course, students/ applicants should hold a good honours degree or any equivalent. Masters programmes in IT generally last one to two years until graduation and with a completed degree there are many ways of entering the professional world. The list below shows possible fields of work:

  • Information and communication technology
  • Media industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Services sector (banking and insurance)
  • Planning and development offices
  • Research institutes and universities
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The following universities offer Masters courses in IT:

    study programmes     universities
comprehensive profile   Software Engineering MSc   comprehensive profile   University of Limerick
comprehensive profile   Data Driven Design   comprehensive profile   HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht
comprehensive profile   Data Science   comprehensive profile   Radboud University
comprehensive profile   Artificial Intelligence: Cognitive Science   comprehensive profile   Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
comprehensive profile   Master by Research   comprehensive profile   Mid Sweden University
comprehensive profile   International Master's Programme in Computer Engineering   comprehensive profile   Mid Sweden University
comprehensive profile   MSc in Electronic and Computer Technology     Dublin City University
comprehensive profile   Computing Science     Utrecht University
comprehensive profile   International Information Systems     Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg - FAU
  Information Systems   comprehensive profile   University College Dublin
  Computer Engineering   comprehensive profile   University of Limerick
  (Online) Engineering - Information Technology in Architecture, Engineering and Construction   comprehensive profile   University College Cork
  Computer Engineering (Master by Research)   comprehensive profile   Mid Sweden University
  Artificial Intelligence   comprehensive profile   Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  Intellectual Property & Information Technology   comprehensive profile   University College Dublin
  Master of Marine Technology (M-TECH) - Specialism 1: Hydrodynamics for Ocean Engineering (HOE); Specialism 2: Atlantic Master on Ship Operation and Naval Engineering (AMASONE)   comprehensive profile   Centrale Nantes (ECN)
  Information Technology     Birkbeck, University of London
  Information Systems and Business Management     University of Bedfordshire
  Technology, Education and Learning     University of Leeds
  E-Business (Information Systems)     Newcastle University Business School
  Information and Communication Technology (Conversion)     Anglia Ruskin University
  Communications, Control & Digital Signal Processing     University of Strathclyde
  Information Technology     University of Derby
  ICT Innovation     University College London
  Information Systems and eGovernment     University of Bedfordshire
  Information Technology     University of the West of Scotland
  Data Science and Analytics     University of Leeds
  Professional Practice - Computing and IT (London)     Northumbria University
  Information Science     University College London
  Information Systems     University of West London
  Information Technology     University of Glasgow
  Advanced Chemical Engineering with Information Technology and Management     Loughborough University
  Advanced Computer Science     University of Cambridge
  IT Systems Administration and Management     Oxford Brookes University
  Building Information Modelling (BIM)     University of Liverpool
  Geographical Information Systems     University of Salford
  Information Technology     University of Stirling
  ...     ...


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