Master of Landscape Architecture
Are you passionate about Landscaping? Would you like to design new parks and squares?

Master of Landscape Architecture

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What is Landscape Architecture?

Landscape architects design spaces and places, varying from urban squares and city parks to regional landscapes and streetscapes. Landscape architects are experts at the intersection of design, culture, urbanization, environment, and sustainability. For example, they investigate the ecological and visual impacts of large alternative energy projects like wind farms or solar plantations in the landscape.

Study Contents in the Masters programme Landscape Architecture 

Most studies for Landscape Architecture are based on ecology and urbanism. They offer courses in the History of Landscape Architecture, Urban Design Theory, Land Reclamation and Horticulture and Plant Materials. Further specializations range from environmental law and infrastructural design of landscapes to the “Connection of Landscape Architecture to the Contemporary Art Discourse”. Many programmes for Landscape Architecture pride themselves on recognising and encouraging self-direction of study, which is why there are numerous electives for individual specialization. 

Career opportunities for landscape architects with a Masters degree

It is due to the versatility of the different programmes, that students in this Masters study obtain their degrees after two, three or even five years. Usually, a Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture or a related field of study (for example landscape design, urban design, agricultural sciences, or ecology) is required to be eligible to apply. With a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture, you can find employment in the following fields:

  • Governmental institutions such as offices for parks and recreation or environmental protection
  • Landscape planning offices
  • Forestry commissions
  • National parks 
  • Conservation agencies
  • Land development organisations
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Universities in Europe that offer the Master of Landscape Architecture:

    study programmes     universities
  Landscape Architecture   comprehensive profile   University of Edinburgh
  Landscape Architecture (European Masters)   comprehensive profile   University of Edinburgh
  Landscape Research     University of Sheffield
  Landscape Archaeology     University of Sheffield
  Architecture, Planning and Landscape (Design)     Newcastle University
  Architecture, Planning and Landscape (MA)     Newcastle University
  Architecture     Newcastle University
  Landscape Architecture     Leeds Beckett University
  Landscape Architecture     Birmingham City University
  Landscape Architecture     University of Greenwich
  Landscape Architecture     University of Sheffield
  Landscape Architecture     University of Gloucestershire
  Landscape Architecture Studies     Newcastle University
  Spatial Planning with Environmental Assessment     University of Dundee
  Landscape Studies     University of Sheffield
  Landscape Architecture and Design     Leeds Beckett University
  Landscape Architecture     University of Greenwich
  Landscape Management     University of Sheffield
  Landscape and Urbanism     Kingston University
  Future Landscape Imaginaries     Newcastle University
  Architecture, Planning and Landscape (Doctoral Research)     Newcastle University
  Garden History     The University of Buckingham
  Applied Sciences by Research     Bournemouth University
  Architecture and Landscape Architecture     University of Sheffield
  Landscape Design     Université libre de Bruxelles
  Surveying, Planning and Land Management     Aalborg University
  Planning     The University of Auckland
  Urban Design     ETH - Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich
  Landscape Architecture - Land Landscape Heritage     Politecnico di Milano
  Landscape Architecture     The University of New South Wales
  Architecture and Urban Planning     Politechnika Poznanska
  Landscape Architecture and Community Planning     University of Maryland
  Management zahradních a krajinářských úprav     Mendelova univerzita v Brně
  Landscape Architecture     Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro (UTAD)
  Architectural Lighting Design     KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  Management im Landschaftsbau     Hochschule Osnabrück
  Progettazione delle aree verdi e del paesaggio     Università degli Studi di Milano
  Arquitectura Paisagista     Universidade do Porto
  Urban Design     Kent State University
  Landscape Ecology     Universität Hohenheim
  ...     ...

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