Master of Linguistics
Master of Linguistics might be relevant for you, if you want to jump in the deep pool of languages!

Master of Linguistics

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Study set-up and major topics of a Masters in Linguistics

The study of linguistics consists of a detailed analysis of the world’s languages. The Masters programme consists of several fields, for example the grammatical structure of a language, the meaning of language and the use of language in society. As well as learning other languages orally and in writing, the Master of Linguistics also teaches programmes to overcome communication disorders. Depending on the university you choose you have the option of specialising in the above mentioned subjects and many more.

Linguists try to establish what types of structures are shared by different languages and the extent to which languages may differ from one another. In order to be accepted for a Master of Linguistics you need proof of a Bachelors degree in a similar subject. The standard study duration lasts one to two years.

Employment Opportunities with a Master of Linguistics

The Masters programme in linguistics is a research oriented study. It prepares you for employment in mostly academic research institutes or non-academic research institutes.

Following universities and colleges provide such Master of Linguistics:

    study programmes     universities
comprehensive profile   Teacher Education in English / German   comprehensive profile   HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht
comprehensive profile   Business, language and culture   comprehensive profile   University of Southern Denmark (SDU)
comprehensive profile   Semiotics   comprehensive profile   University of Tartu
comprehensive profile   Linguistics and Literature: English   comprehensive profile   University of Antwerp
  Applied Linguistics for TESOL   comprehensive profile   Northumbria University
  Linguistics: Text Mining   comprehensive profile   Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  Literary Studies: English Literature in a Visual Culture   comprehensive profile   Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  Humanities Research Master   comprehensive profile   Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  Intensive Language Arabic     SOAS, University of London
  Language Sciences (with specialisations)     University College London
  Middle Eastern Studies with Arabic     University of Edinburgh
  English Language Teaching     Coventry University London
  English Literature (Research)     University of Bristol
  French Studies (Res)     University of Reading
  Forensic Linguistics (Double MA Joint Programme with the Hofstra University, New York State)     Aston University
  Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics     University of Oxford
  Language and Society     Kingston University
  Sociolinguistics     University of Essex
  Applied Linguistics     University College London
  Linguistics and Language     SOAS, University of London
  Applied Linguistics: Language Teaching     Richmond, The American International University in London
  Teaching English as a Foreign Language/Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages     University of Essex
  Classics     University of Glasgow
  Digital Language and Literacies     Lancaster University
  Applied Linguistics     Cardiff University
  Theoretical and Applied Linguistics by Advanced Study     University of Cambridge
  Translation and Interpreting     Swansea University
  Linguistics     SOAS, University of London
  Middle Eastern Studies with Advanced Arabic     University of Edinburgh
  Lusophone Studies     University of Exeter
  New Testament and Christian Origins     University of Edinburgh
  Bilingualism in Education     University of Birmingham
  Welsh     Bangor University
  Education - English Language     Liverpool Hope University
  Language and Intercultural Communication     University of East Anglia
  Italian (Research)     University of Bristol
  Applied Linguistics and TESOL     Anglia Ruskin University
  Linguistics     SOAS, University of London
  Sociocultural Linguistics     Goldsmiths, University of London
  ...     ...


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