Master of Medicine
"The desire to take medicine is perhaps the greatest feature which distinguishes man from animals"

Master of Medicine

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Your passion for life

In the field of medicine and health, there is continuous innovation and new discoveries. The aging society, international emerging viral diseases, new drugs and therapies, show that the medical and health care field is constantly changing and is faced with new challenges. Experts must be informed and up to date about the latest developments and technologies in order to continue their education on a regular basis.

The medical field has a lot to offer, but also there are a lot of tools, techniques and technologies, which have not been discovered and developed yet. You can be a great part of this. A masters degree will educate and deepen the practical knowledge and skills of health scientists and professionals from the medical field. The programme equips students with research skills to respond to health inequalities.

Especially, the research sector is one of the main activities of this programme. With an integrated research approach the programme enables you to build up an impressive toolkit of practical skills and understanding for health promotion, ethnics in public health and analysis and problem solving. 

Your opportunities as a graduate with a Masters degree in Medicine

With a complete Masters degree in Medicine you have a lot of opportunities and possibilities. At this point it depends on your specialisation. Nevertheless, many students choose the field of research. Other sectors could be:

  • Surgical specialist
  • Medical specialist
  • Medicine research
  • Medical consultant

Find universities that are offering Master of Medicine:

    study programmes     universities
comprehensive profile   Medical Technologies   comprehensive profile   MCI | Die Unternehmerische Hochschule®
comprehensive profile   Leading International Vaccinology Education (Erasmus Mundus)   comprehensive profile   University of Antwerp
comprehensive profile   International Pharmacoeconomics, Health Economics and Market Strategies for Healthcare Products     Hochschule Fresenius
  Clinical Exercise Physiology   comprehensive profile   Northumbria University
  Biomedical Technology and Physics   comprehensive profile   Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  Master of Clinical Practice (Advanced Critical Care Practice)   comprehensive profile   Northumbria University
  Cardiovascular Research   comprehensive profile   Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  Paediatrics and Child Health     Imperial College London
  Clinical Research     Teesside University
  Cardiovascular Sciences     University of Glasgow
  Spinal Pain     University of Birmingham
  History of Health, Medicine and Society     University of Leeds
  Integrative Physiology (Biomedical Sciences - Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences)     University of Edinburgh
  Centre for Comparative and Clinical Anatomy (Research)     University of Bristol
  Medicolegal Practice     University of Chester
  Burns, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery     University College London
  Metabolism and Systems Research     University of Birmingham
  Genomic Medicine     University of Birmingham
  Cardiovascular Biology     University of Edinburgh
  Social Science, Health & Medicine Research     King's College London
  Genomic Medicine     University of Cambridge
  Medical Education     De Montfort University
  Orthopaedic Trauma Science     Queen Mary University of London
  Diabetes     University of Glasgow
  Master of Surgery     Edge Hill University
  Neurology     Keele University
  Medical Science     Anglia Ruskin University
  Medicine     University of Nottingham
  Haematology     University of Nottingham
  Cardiovascular Science     University College London
  Applied Sport and Exercise Medicine     University of Nottingham
  Master of Surgery Studies     Edge Hill University
  Regenerative Medicine     University of Bath
  Physician Associate Studies     University of East Anglia
  Assisted Reproduction Technology     University of Nottingham
  Sport and Exercise Medicine     University of Leeds
  In Medical Education     Staffordshire University
  Maternal and Fetal Health     University of Manchester
  ...     ...


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