Master of Nutrition
"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." - Hippocrates

Master of Nutrition

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Study set-up and major topics

The one- to two-year Master of Nutrition lets you deal with human nutrition and biochemical processes in the human organism. You observe questions, such as “Which substances does food consist of?” and “What is the ingredients’ functional mode of action ?” during the course.

Principal areas of your study include applied dietetics, nutritional advices, nutrition ecology, and molecular nutrition research. Specialise in a subject of your interest and choose from one of the following: public health nutrition, experimental nutrition, and clinical nutrition.

To follow the Masters programme in Nutrition, you generally need to hold a Bachelors degree in the same subject. However, certain universities only require a precedent degree in a related field such as biochemistry or biology. Inform yourself directly at the university of your master study about the local entry requirements and deadlines.

Employment opportunities with a Masters degree in Nutrition

With a Master of Science in Nutrition you have a wide range of career options. Choose to work in public health programmes, nutrition and health communication, consulting or research, and nutrition-related businesses.

The universities and colleges listed below provide Masters programmes in Nutrition:

    study programmes     universities
comprehensive profile   Lebensmitteltechnologie & Ernährung   comprehensive profile   MCI | Die Unternehmerische Hochschule®
comprehensive profile   Life Sciences     Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften
  Ernährung und Gesundheit   comprehensive profile   Fachhochschule Münster
  Nutritional Science   comprehensive profile   Northumbria University
  Nachhaltige Dienstleistungs- und Ernährungswirtschaft   comprehensive profile   Fachhochschule Münster
  Agrifood     University of Nottingham
  Applied Human Nutrition     Oxford Brookes University
  Food Sciences     University of Nottingham
  Eating Disorders and Clinical Nutrition     University College London
  Nutrition for Global Health     London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition     Oxford Brookes University
  Food Security and Development     University of Reading
  Human Nutrition     University of Chester
  Public Health Nutrition     Edge Hill University
  Early Life Nutrition and Disease (MPhil/MRes)     University of Nottingham
  Food Safety and Control     London South Bank University
  Nutritional Therapy     University of Worcester
  Food and Human Nutrition (Doctoral Research)     Newcastle University
  Human Nutrition (Public Health / Sports)     London Metropolitan University
  Nutrition     University of Huddersfield
  Food Engineering     Sheffield Hallam University
  Food Science and Nutrition     University of Leeds
  Human Nutrition     University of Sheffield
  Sport Nutrition     University of Stirling
  Sport Nutrition     Liverpool John Moores University
  Food Bioscience     Glasgow Caledonian University
  Obesity: Risks and Prevention     University of Roehampton
  Nutrition     King's College London
  Clinical and Public Health Nutrition     University College London
  Nutrition, Physical Activity and Public Health     University of Bristol
  Sport and Excercise Nutrition     Loughborough University
  Clinical Nutrition and Health     Glasgow Caledonian University
  Diabetes     University of Bedfordshire
  Nutritional Sciences (MPhil/MRes)     University of Nottingham
  Food Security Management     Coventry University London
  Clinical Nutrition     University of Nottingham
  Gastroenterology     University of Chester
  Nutrition with Public Health Management     Sheffield Hallam University
  ...     ...


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