Master of Pedagogy
Master of Pedagogy - study and prepare for an exciting teaching career.

Master of Pedagogy

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Main study points

Are you interested in the Educational Science? Have you ever thought about the teaching methods and techniques used at different schools? Would you like to be involved in the development of a curriculum? Then a Master of Pedagogy is the perfect opportunity for you.

During a period of four to six semesters you will be involved in the application of theoretical knowledge to a variety of practical situations. You will learn about the theory, history and development of education and how to be a successful teacher. 

Many universities prepare their students professionally by delivering entire “teaching degrees” which include several practical internships, seminars and exercises. There are also several specialization areas available including Pre-School, Primary, Secondary and Adult Education. 

Admission requirements

Most higher education institutions will expect you to present a Bachelor degree in the same or similar area. In addition, any language skills, especially in English, will prove useful. For more and specific information please contact your desired university. 

Professional opportunities with a Master of Pedagogy 

Upon completion you will receive a “Master of Science” or “Master of Arts” depending on your university, focus and course. Afterwards you will have the possibility to either begin a career as a teacher or devote your time to research. Regardless, you will make a contribution towards a world with a higher quality of education and more successful people. You will be a role example!

Hier steht Text

You can enroll for a Master of Pedagogy at the following institutions:

    study programmes     universities
comprehensive profile   Ethics of Education: Philosophy, History and Law   comprehensive profile   University of Groningen
comprehensive profile   Educational Sciences     Utrecht University
comprehensive profile   Educational Sciences: Learning in Interaction     Utrecht University
  Education (ProfMasters)   comprehensive profile   University College Dublin
  Education & Lifelong Learning   comprehensive profile   University College Dublin
  Pedagogical Sciences   comprehensive profile   Radboud University
  Education   comprehensive profile   University College Dublin
  Leadership   comprehensive profile   University College Dublin
  Nursing (Education)   comprehensive profile   University College Dublin
  Educational Psychology   comprehensive profile   University College Dublin
  Education Practice     De Montfort University
  Education (Research)     Sheffield Hallam University
  Medical Education     Newcastle University
  Education (Independent Distance Learning)     The University of Sunderland
  Education     Teesside University
  Social Justice and Education     University College London
  Education, Gender and International Development     University College London
  Education     Northumbria University
  Education: Learning, Pedagogy and Assessment     University of East Anglia
  Education, Health Promotion and International Development     University College London
  Education (Policy and International Development)     University of Bristol
  Education     London Metropolitan University
  Educational Leadership and Management     University of Nottingham
  Education     University of Sussex
  Enhanced Educational Practice     University of the West of Scotland
  Educational Assessment     University of Oxford
  Education     Cardiff Metropolitan University
  Childhood and Creative Development     Aberystwyth University
  International Studies in Education     University of Birmingham
  Education (by Research)     University of York
  History of Education     University College London
  Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment     University College London
  Shakespeare and Education     University of Birmingham
  Creative Practices in Education     University of Chester
  Educational Research     Edge Hill University
  Educational Research and Development (Research)     University of Lincoln
  Education     University of Exeter
  Student Affairs in Higher Education     Anglia Ruskin University
  TESOL (Teacher Education)     University of Leeds
  Education for Health Professionals     University of Birmingham
  ...     ...


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