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Philosophy is major academic discipline offered at almost every university. It is the science concerned with questions such as the meaning of life, the origin of society and a variety of social phenomena present in the real world. But why is the interest in this study currently at its peak?

In general, Philosophy is today playing an important role in a variety of areas, more importantly in Business and Politics. For example, ethical issues related to the economic system, the occurrence of economic crises and the resulting social problems have all become a main topic for discussion, analysis and explanation. In addition, the inability to ensure world peace and sustainable international relations has gathered countless young philosophers to find a way to restore balance and work towards social development and global welfare. 

Of course, you could additionally focus on the fundamental sub-fields of Philosophy such as Ethics, Logic and Philosophy of Science. You will go through the thoughts and theories of representatives of a diversity of philosophical movements and periods beginning with Antiquity and all the way to modern times. 

Admission requirements for Master of Philosophy

The possession of a Bachelor degree in Philosophy is a must. Essentially, there are universities who offer a Masters open to students with a different undergraduate background. Good foreign language skills, especially in English will give you an advantage.

Future perspectives with a M.Phil. degree

Upon successful completion you will be awarded with the academic title “Master of Philosophy” (or "Master of Arts" in some cases). The typical study period is four semesters long after which you will have acquired the necessary knowledge for practical problems. You can pursue a career individually with research in a certain topic or look for a position at educational institutions or multinational organizations. 

Overview of Masters programmes in Philosophy:

    study programmes     universities
comprehensive profile   Philosophy   comprehensive profile   University of Antwerp
comprehensive profile   History and Philosophy of Science     Utrecht University
comprehensive profile   Applied Ethics     Utrecht University
  Philosophy of Neuroscience   comprehensive profile   Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  Philosophy   comprehensive profile   Radboud University
  Philosophy of Law and Governance   comprehensive profile   Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  Philosophy (1 year)   comprehensive profile   Central European University (CEU)
  Philosophy (Research)   comprehensive profile   Radboud University
  Philosophy   comprehensive profile   Central European University (CEU)
  Philosophy, Bioethics and Health   comprehensive profile   Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  Economics (MPhil)   comprehensive profile   Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  Master of Philosophy     University of Wales Trinity Saint David
  Philosophy     University of Leeds
  Philosophy Research     King's College London
  Moral, Political and Legal Philosophy     University of St Andrews
  Philosophy (Research)     University of Bristol
  Philosophy and History of Science     University of Bristol
  History and Philosophy of Art (Canterbury and Rome)     University of Kent
  Philosophy     University of Hull
  Logic and Metaphysics     University of St Andrews
  Philosophy and Religious Thought     University of Gloucestershire
  Philosophy     University of Southampton
  Politics and Philosophy     Lancaster University
  Philosophy of Education     University of Winchester
  Philosophy of Education     University College London
  Theology, Religion and Philosophy of Religion     University of Cambridge
  Philosophy     University of Sheffield
  Philosophy     University of Birmingham
  Philosophy     University of Sussex
  Humanities     Keele University
  Studies in Philosophy and Religion     Bangor University
  Philosophy     University of York
  Philosophy (Res)     Henley Business School
  Philosophical Theology     University of Oxford
  Philosophy of Biological and Cognitive Sciences     University of Bristol
  Philosophy     University of Manchester
  Philosophy     University of Kent
  History of Philosophy     King's College London
  Philosophy and Literature     University of Dundee
  Philosophy (Research)     University of Exeter
  ...     ...


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