Master of Political Theory
Do you want to became a specialist in understanding politics and how citizens life in a community works?

Master of Political Theory

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A theoretical Masters study 

While a regular political science Masters usually includes contemporary policy and politics analyses, the Master of Political Theory focuses even more on political theories throughout the centuries. Mostly, you concentrate on the emergence of democracy as a political system and how it has developed ever since the early polis in Athens. The French and American Revolution, the nation-state building processes of the 19th century as well as the conflict between democratic and communist systems in the late 20th century constitute relevant thematic blocs within the course of your study. Naturally, contemporary topics such as the Arab spring or the concept of failed states will cross your paths. Thus, while your study focus clearly lies on political theories, you do not subscribe for a mere historical type of study.

To be eligible for the one- to two-year Masters programme, you need to have accomplished a Bachelors degree (or equivalent) in political or another field of study in the social sciences. Be aware that the admission criteria may differ at universities and colleges as does the academic title awarded with successful completion. Some Masters programmes in Political Theory end with a Master of Arts or Science.

Career prospects with a Master of Political Theory

As the Master of Political Theory teaches you a sound understanding of political theory focusing on democracy, your career prospects are manifold. You understand the very basis of our international state system as leading industrial nations. Hence, you may pursue a career in political professions, such as party organizations, government or non-government organizations or political institutions. But you also qualify for a job in journalism, media and public relations. Naturally, a career in research, teaching and development is also open to you.

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Follow a postgraduate programme in Political Theory at these universities and colleges:

    study programmes     universities
comprehensive profile   Sustainability Science: Governance and Law   comprehensive profile   Leuphana Universität Lüneburg
comprehensive profile   Political Science   comprehensive profile   University of Antwerp
  International and European Politics   comprehensive profile   University of Edinburgh
  Global Challenges (Online Distance Learning)   comprehensive profile   University of Edinburgh
  Social and Political Science (MScR)   comprehensive profile   University of Edinburgh
  Public Policy   comprehensive profile   University of Edinburgh
  Politics     University of Sheffield
  Global Studies: A European Perspective     London School of Economics and Political Science
  International Politics of the Internet     Aberystwyth University
  Political Theory Research     University of Oxford
  Research in Politics & International Studies     University of Warwick
  Politics and International Relations of the Middle East     University of Exeter
  European Politics     University of Sussex
  Politics and International Studies     SOAS, University of London
  Terrorism and Political Violence     University of St Andrews
  Governance in Contemporary China     King's College London
  Science and Technology Policy     University of Sussex
  Social Science Research (Political Science and International Relations)     University of Nottingham
  War Studies     Aberystwyth University
  International Political Economy     University of Sheffield
  Science, Society and Development     University of Sussex
  International Politics     SOAS, University of London
  Politics     University of Liverpool
  Political Parties and Elections     Keele University
  International Political Communication     University of Sheffield
  Political Communication     University of Leeds
  Civilisation, Terrorism and Dissent     University of Hull
  Environment, Development and Politics     University of Birmingham
  Philosophy, Politics & Economics: Economics & Philosophy     University of York
  Social and Political Thought     University of Leeds
  Civil Society, NGO and Non-profit Studies     University of Kent
  International Relations     Lancaster University
  Global and Comparative Politics     University of Essex
  Global Politics     Durham University
  Women, Violence and Conflict     University of York
  International Security     Oxford Brookes University
  Diplomacy and International Governance     Loughborough University
  Global Politics (MSc)     Birkbeck, University of London
  International Law and Politics     University of Hull
  Postcolonial Politics     Aberystwyth University
  ...     ...

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