Master of Product Design
Study Product Design if you love both -Engineering and Design!

Master of Product Design

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Focuses during the studies

Product design is all about designing industrial gear for mass consumption. These include, for example, household appliances, furniture, machinery, electronic devices and even vehicles. Factors that are important in Product Design are functionality, appearance, profitability, innovation and last but not least, essential environmental aspects.

During your studies you will specialize in successfully creating, implementing and commercializing innovations. Additionally, as it is an interdisciplinary degree, you should expect the areas of Mechanical Engineering, Business Management and Design to be involved.  

With the constantly growing requirements of consumers there is also a special emphasis on Communication, Cultural Studies, Psychology and Media Studies. People’s needs are analyzed and later represented in the design of a product. From concept to realization, you will be able to actively participate in the life-shaping of society.

A Masters degree in Product Design requires certain qualifications. Bachelor graduates in Product Design, General Design, Mechanical Engineering, Business Engineering or other subject-related studies are all eligible for a Master in the field of Product Design.

The regular study period is between three and four semesters. Depending on the university and specialization you can receive a “Master of Arts” or “Master of Science” degree.

Job Prospects with a Master in Product Design

Trained product designers usually find a job in the Design departments of every industry involved in the manufacturing of products. The pharmaceutical industry, automotive and aerospace companies and the textile sector are a few examples. Furthermore, it is also possible to be involved with:

  • Design Agencies
  • Business Consultancies
  • Engineering Firms
  • Development and Research Institutes
  • Marketing Organizations 
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Here is an overview of study programmes, connected to the Product Design:

    study programmes     universities
comprehensive profile   Data Analytics and Software Development - Higher Diploma   comprehensive profile   University of Limerick
  Product Design     Bournemouth University
  Digital Design and Marketing     University of Hull
  Product Design Enterprise     Aston University
  Formulation Design and Analysis     Henley Business School
  Design Thinking (Res.)     Plymouth University
  Human-Computer Interaction with Ergonomics     University College London
  Future Design     Teesside University
  Guided Weapon Systems     Cranfield University
  Product Design Innovation     Aston University
  Design: Product and Space and the Creative Economy     Kingston University
  Engineering Design     Loughborough University
  Sustainable Automotive Engineering     University of Warwick - WMG
  Product Design Engineering     University of Glasgow
  Advanced Product Design Engineering     Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University
  Product Design Management     Bournemouth University
  Engineering     The Open University
  Materials Engineering     Swansea University
  Ergonomics     University of Derby
  Design Products     Royal College of Art
  Design of Rotating Machines     Cranfield University
  Integrated Industrial Design     Loughborough University
  Product Design and Business     Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University
  Architecture     Robert Gordon University
  Product and Furniture Design     Birmingham City University
  Flexible Managed Programme (Faculty of Engineering)     Edinburgh Napier University
  Engineering Design Innovation     Bournemouth University
  Engineering Product Design     University of Wales Trinity Saint David
  Design     York St John University
  Product Design and Management     University of Liverpool
  Product Design Prototyping     Edinburgh Napier University
  Innovation Design Engineering     Royal College of Art
  Engineering Management     University of Exeter
  Gun Systems Design     Cranfield University
  Quality by Design for the Pharmaceutical Industry     De Montfort University
  Design: Product+Space     Kingston University
  Aircraft Design - Aerospace Vehicle Design     Cranfield University
  Future Design with Advanced Practice     Teesside University
  Design Engineering     University of Strathclyde
  Industrial Design and Technology     Loughborough University
  ...     ...


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