Master of Public Law
Acquire mastery in Public Law and became a professional in the civil - public legal relations.

Master of Public Law

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This Masters programme closes the gap that often remains in a general public degree course. While in a traditional course of public economy the scope of study is too broad to include specific legal elements, a Master of Public Law serves as an additive that allows you to become a legal practitioner in the public sphere.

The degree programme in Public Law focuses on the relation between public and civil entities. Any state interacts with its citizens on multiple levels - environmentally or based on administration, education, urbanism, taxation or public services. Public Law serves to protect the citizen and their freedoms from the state as an entity.

Entry requirements to become a legal Public expert

As a precondition you need a Bachelors degree in public law or administration. Any equivalent degree will suffice, too. However, many universities demand a minimum of one-year professional experience in public law nowadays. Moreover, specialised programmes in Public Law such as a Master of European Union Law may require a precedent degree in a related field of study. Contact your university directly to learn about local and course-bound entry requirements.

Career prospects in Public Law

The one-year programme entitles you the academic degree Master of Laws and opens up your career ladder in public economy. As an additive to a degree in public law, this degree provides you with proficiency in legal advocacy, meaning you can interact as a lawyer – for state institutions or citizens. Moreover, corporate managers request public experts frequently; for instance, for establishing a legally sound European reputation.

Study Public Law in a Masters programme here:

    study programmes     universities
comprehensive profile   Executive Master of Public Administration   comprehensive profile   Hertie School
comprehensive profile   Erasmus Mundus Masters Program in Public Policy (Mundus MAPP)   comprehensive profile   Central European University (CEU)
comprehensive profile   European Studies     Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen (RWTH)
comprehensive profile   Public Policy     Universität Erfurt
comprehensive profile   Master of Public Management     Universität Potsdam
  Public Administration   comprehensive profile   Central European University (CEU)
  Finance: Honours Track Quantitative Risk Management   comprehensive profile   Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  Public Administration and Government     London School of Economics and Political Science
  Masters in Public Administration     University of Birmingham
  Public Administration     University of Nottingham
  Applied Criminology, Penology and Management     University of Cambridge
  International Events Management     Leeds Beckett University
  Public Administration (MPA) (Executive Master)     London School of Economics and Political Science
  Public Administration     University of Portsmouth
  International Public Policy     University of Strathclyde
  Public Administration     University of Leeds
  International Development: Public Policy and Management     University of Manchester
  Masters of Public Administration     University of York
  Public Administration     University of Exeter
  Public Administration     Cardiff University
  Public Administration (MPA)     London School of Economics and Political Science
  Social Change     University of Manchester
  Public Policy     University College London
  Global Governance and Diplomacy     University of Oxford
  Public Administration and Management     University College London
  European Public Policy     University of Strathclyde
  Executive Master of Public Administration     De Montfort University
  Public Relations     Bournemouth University
  Public Policy & Management     University of Glasgow
  Executive Master in Public Administration (MPA)     London South Bank University
  Public Management and Leadership     University of Birmingham
  Public Policy and Administration     London School of Economics and Political Science
  Humanitarianism and Conflict Response     University of Manchester
  Global Governance and Public Policy     Middlesex University London
  Public Services Policy & Management     King's College London
  Public Policy Research     University of Glasgow
  Professional Practice     Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University
  Masters in Public Administration (Human Resources)     University of Birmingham
  Public Management     University of Birmingham
  ...     ...


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