Master of Renewable Energy
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Master of Renewable Energy

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Focuses during the studies

Fossil energy resources are becoming increasingly scarce. As a result, sustainability is gaining more and more popularity, with many countries involved in alternative energy use. With a Masters degree in Renewable Energy you will have the opportunity to build a better future, as there is an urgent need for experts with new ideas towards an environmentally friendly use of energy.

These existing fields include Mechanical, Process, and Energy Engineering, Economics, Green Technology, Ecology and Environmental Law. During your studies you will also be actively involved with innovative energy supply technologies, like Solar, Hydroelectric, and Biomass Energy, Wind and Geothermal Power. Additionally, you will learn the ways of the economical use of energy and social development.

A Masters in Renewable Energy generally takes four semesters, the successful completion of which will be awarded with a “Master of Science” degree.

Career Opportunities

There are several job opportunities for a Renewable Energy Specialist in the energy sectors, educational institutions and environmental organizations. Examples include (but are certainly not limited to!):

  • Energy Plant Development and Planning
  • Maintenance of Power Plants
  • Environmental Management, Sales and Marketing
  • Environmental Education
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Here is a list of Masters in Renewable Energy:

    study programmes     universities
  European Master in Renewable Energy     Loughborough University
  Renewable Energy Engineering     University of Aberdeen
  Advanced Process Design for Energy     University of Manchester
  Sustainable Energy Systems     Queen Mary University of London
  Renewable and Sustainable Energy Technologies     Northumbria University
  Advanced Electrical Power Engineering     Newcastle University
  Electrical Engineering for Sustainable and Renewable Energy     University of Nottingham
  Renewable Energy and Clean Technology     University of Manchester
  Renewable Energy     Edinburgh Napier University
  Power Systems Engineering     University College London
  Sustainable Engineering: Offshore Renewable Energy     University of Strathclyde
  Sustainable Energy and Environment     Cardiff University
  Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy Systems     University of Leeds
  Marine Renewable Energy     Plymouth University
  Renewable Energy Technology     Cranfield University
  Energy Engineering with Environmental Management     University of East Anglia
  Gas Turbine Technology - Thermal Power     Cranfield University
  Engineering with Innovation and Entrepreneurship     University College London
  Sustainable Energy     University of Glasgow
  Sustainable Urban Environments     Glasgow Caledonian University
  Advanced Power Engineering     University of Edinburgh
  Thermal Power     Cranfield University
  Future Power Networks     Imperial College London
  Renewable Energy and Architecture     University of Nottingham
  Rotating Machinery, Engineering and Management - Thermal Power     Cranfield University
  Sustainable Energy Technology     Glasgow Caledonian University
  Renewable Energy Flexible Training Programme (REFLEX)     Newcastle University
  Sustainable Energy Systems     London South Bank University
  Sustainable Energy Technology     University of Sussex
  Renewable Energy Systems & The Environment     University of Strathclyde
  Renewable Energy     University of Reading
  Marine Renewable Energy (Res.)     Plymouth University
  Energy Informatics     Cranfield University
  Energy Systems and Thermal Processes     Cranfield University
  Renewable Energy Systems Technology     Loughborough University
  Water, Energy and the Environment     Liverpool John Moores University
  Power, Propulsion and Environment - Thermal Power     Cranfield University
  Wind Energy Systems     University of Strathclyde
  Energy from Waste     Cranfield University
  Renewable Energy (Research)     University of Exeter
  ...     ...

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