Master of Software Engineering
Develop programs, websites and mobile apps. Explore the infinite possibilities of Software Engineering.

Master of Software Engineering

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Subjects in the Masters programme

Software Engineering has become a crucial discipline in the functioning of the modern world. Information systems, communications, transport, manufacturing, and services all require well-engineered and reliable software.

Software Engineers need specialised knowledge and skills to develop different kinds of large, complex software systems. Within the Masters programme, you can choose to specialise in your favourite part of software engineering, for instance - object-oriented design and programming, project management, research methods for software engineering, or advanced databases.

The Master of Software Engineering usually takes one to two years whereby you mostly have the chance to choose whether you want a full-time study or a part-time. After a successful conclusion of your studies, you will gain the title Master of Science.

Career opportunities after completion of the Master of Software Engineering

This Masters programme will prepare you for positions in software houses, consultancies and with major software users, such as the financial sector, where there is a significant demand for professionals with a deep knowledge of advanced software development and a rigorous engineering practice.

You can get the Masters degree in Software Engineering at the following universities:

    study programmes     universities
comprehensive profile   Computer Science: Computer Networks and Distributed Systems   comprehensive profile   University of Antwerp
comprehensive profile   Engineering - Software Engineering   comprehensive profile   University of Southern Denmark (SDU)
comprehensive profile   Software Engineering   comprehensive profile   University of Tartu
comprehensive profile   User Experience Design   comprehensive profile   Jönköping University
comprehensive profile   Computer Science: Software Engineering   comprehensive profile   University of Antwerp
comprehensive profile   International Information Systems     Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg - FAU
comprehensive profile   Software Engineering and Management     Hochschule Heilbronn
  High Performance Graphics and Games Engineering     University of Leeds
  Web Applications/ Web Applications Development     Ravensbourne
  Mobile App Development     University of Derby
  Computational and Software Techniques in Engineering     Cranfield University
  Advanced Software Engineering     King's College London
  Information Technology     University of Stirling
  Mobile Device Application Development     Staffordshire University
  Internet Of Things Engineering     Staffordshire University
  Software Systems     University of Bath
  Computing     The Open University
  Computing     Cardiff University
  Technology Enhanced Learning     Durham University
  Software Engineering     University of Oxford
  Software Engineering with Management Studies     Kingston University
  Computing     University of Huddersfield
  Mobile Application Design     University of Kent
  Information and Technology     Leeds Beckett University
  Computer Games Programming     Staffordshire University
  Data Science with Professional Placement     University of Essex
  Software Engineering (online)     University of Hertfordshire
  Computing for Business     University of Stirling
  Bioinformatics     The University of Buckingham
  Advanced Computing     Imperial College London
  Software Engineering     University of Stirling
  Web Intelligence     King's College London
  Advanced Software Engineering     University of Sheffield
  Software Development     Coventry University London
  Computing     Imperial College London
  Software Engineering     University of West London
  Computer Science with Industrial Experience     Queen Mary University of London
  Informatics: LFCS: Foundations of Computer Science, Databases, Software & Systems Modelling     University of Edinburgh
  Software Engineering     Liverpool John Moores University
  Computing for Financial Markets     University of Stirling
  ...     ...


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