Master of Soil Science
Learn soil formation, chemistry, morphology and influence on plants! Acquire mastery in Soil Science!

Master of Soil Science

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What is Soil Science all about?

Soil Science deals with soil as one of mankind’s most precious natural resources. To most people, it is merely dirt. However, the damages done to soils around the world over the past decades have had a dramatic impact on our environment. Not only does soil affect the diversity of species, but also the stability of the climate, the quality of our water, and the assurance of the global food supply.

Therefore, the preservation and sustainable management of soil is one of the core issues for the years to come. The objective of the Masters programme Soil Science is to generate experts in the field of sustainable soil and resource management.

What precisely does the Masters study of Soil Science cover?

The course subjects are among others Environmental Sciences, Environmental Pollution, Biotechnology, Climate Change, Field Course and Ecological and Environmental Modeling. Through these subjects you will get extended knowledge of the modern Soil Science.

Career Opportunities with a Master degree in Soil Sciences

Many soil scientists move on to the private sector to work for environmental and agricultural consultancies. You also have the chance to go into government associated work such as DEFRA or Scottish Government. Or you can choose to use the acquired skills and continue with research either at institutes or universities.

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